Audio Anarchy Catalog > Thoughts On Society Of The Spectacle
1. Introduction(2:05)
2. 165 :: Place(10:22)
3. 92 :: Anarchists(3:34)
4. 67 :: Commodity(9:38)
5. 51 :: Economy And Society(7:10)
6. 3 :: Images(2:05)
7. 172 :: Space(6:42)
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poor analysis
Posted By: guydebordisdead (2006-03-27 10:39:46)

I want to like this, but it's very uncritical and some of the people have a very poor understanding of situationist ideas and even anarchist ideas.

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beyond mere understanding
Posted By: christopher (2006-05-29 12:58:13)

"Situationist" theory is NOT a tv dinner, like some easily assimilable ideology upon which your will to live may choke itself to death with blissful ease. It requires active synthesis, not spectatorial donning like black fashions and trite tantrums. My advice is to get together with others and make it your theory by taking it further than "explanation" and "footnote". And, I am not talking about an ability to quote Debord but a decision to explore Lettrism, existentialism, counciil-communism, dialectics, and the critique of inversion. Create theory. Create yourself.

best wishes,
christopher (www.point-of-departure,org)

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Really great
Posted By: dan (2006-03-25 14:28:22)

This was great fun/inspiring to listen to. I enjoyed the melding of the texts, personal commentary and music. It's not an audio book, "podcast" nor mp3 radio; it's like a whole new genre for the ears and a great thing to listen to on walks. Thanks for doing this!

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more audio "brain fingers"
Posted By: christopher (2006-05-29 13:01:34)

Listen to "The End of Prehistory" at

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Posted By: Maxx (2006-04-11 00:20:30)

this is probably the my favorite of the audioanarchy projects. i love to hear other people veiws and they definately make the reader or listener not feel alone when reading or listening the book and it makes room for a lot of creativity. what i like most of the usage of music but what i was most wondering if you
would you mind perhaps posting the song name and artist for the songs between tracks?

i really liked it and id like to know what it was.


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Posted By: Moxie (2006-04-11 22:46:11)

Here's the music. Glad you liked the piece.

1. 1905 - 'side by side'
2. Cinematic Orchestra - 'man with the movie camera'
3. Cinematic Orchestra - unknown
4. 1905 - 'control'
5. One Reason - unknown
6. The Girl And Twin - a recording from the San Francisco 'battle of the bands' collaborative music project.
7. One Reason - unknown

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Posted By: Maxx (2006-04-27 14:18:22)

thank you a great deal. 1905 is an amazing band.

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free man
Posted By: gunr (2007-03-24 22:13:15)

thanks sooooo much for the song listing! i was hoping i could find it here! because you posted this i now know I LOVE 1905!!!

on another note, i'd love to record my own copies of anarchist writings and post them here!!!

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Posted By: Sasha (2008-04-25 09:13:06)

I haven't heard 1905 in four years. I'd forgotten about them! Thank you!

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Posted By: Leo Niberal (2006-05-24 02:24:02)

I found this really interesting. The personal reflections cut through the somewhat alienating theoretical language of the Society of the Spectacle. Thanks

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problem downloading
Posted By: miguel campana (2006-07-30 17:32:50)

Just that. I can't seem to download some of the Spectacle tracks.

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rather good
Posted By: kevin walker (2006-11-17 23:05:32)

enjoyed it quite much i listened to each one about twice snf figutred that helped alot also i really enjoyed the images story.

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Posted By: julian (2006-12-17 21:10:33)

moxie, the bittorrent tracker gives me a "invalid response" when i try to download this. all the other bittorrents worked fine so I am assuming it is a problem with this torrent rather than my computer or connection. just thought i should let you know, and i want to download this without oppresively having to click seven times.

hope your well.

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Posted By: mr suck them (2006-12-18 00:23:24)

I don't think that anyone commenting on situationist view points has a right in saying what is correct or not- there was obviously much disturbance in paris in the years following 1963

the tracks on this download are from after the situationist movement and so are valid in terms of the time. people sayng "these people don't get the situationists" just dont get the ideas behind this post!- its a retrospective!!

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no, it's not
Posted By: guydebord (2007-03-23 20:40:01)

How is this a retrospective? It's just a collection of people reading quotes from debord they don't understand and trying to relate it back to their shitty lifestylist politics. It's like the emporors new clothes on here. You can't discuss debord without discussing marxism!

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Posted By: Annie (2008-04-14 16:16:49)

This is a really good idea. After many attempts at reading the original text (in French), I began to scour the internet for summaries or interpretations. This is such a fun and interesting take on the text. I like how it's quite personal, how each person has really thought about how those particular aphorisms resonated in their own experience. It's definitely made me appreciate the text a lot more, and most importantly, it's allowed me to really understand the text and its ideas, both in the context of the time in which it was written, as well as today.

My favourite one was Commodities. I laughed so much!

Thank you so much for doing this, I'll definitely be sharing it with others.

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Posted By: Annie (2008-04-14 16:23:29)

I was also wondering which translation these guys were working from? If you could let me know that would be a great help.

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