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July 12

More Smoke and Mirrors As promised, we look into the Green dog's new set of (accounting) tricks.

July 11

Another Big Write-off AMD writes-off another big chunk of ATI.

July 10

What Have You Spent? We'd like to know how much people actually pay

July 9

The Economy and You: Part III Your interesting comments on our survey.

July 8

The Economy and You: Part II Your economic forecast? Slightly sour.

July 7

Tagan Icy Box IB-390 3.5" External Drive Enclosure Joe looks at the big brother of the 290.

Fourth of July Weekend

Pass Around the LN2! That's what members of the Overclockers Forum were doing recently in the Gigabyte overclocking competition with extreme success. :)

May You Live In Interesting Times nVidia had an "interesting time" at the stock market yesterday. Nothing to be too concerned about if you want to buy their cards rather than their stock, but in the long-run, nVidia is headed for an era of interesting times.

July 3

The Economy and You Is the economy starting to crimp your style/wallet?

July 2

AMD News, Part I We're happy to report some some really good news about AMD. . . .

AMD News, Part II . . . and not so happy to report some fake good news about them.

July 1

Inside AMD A new website offers outsiders a rare chance to see what employees actually think about AMD (and many other companies).

June 30

Tagan Icy Box IB-290 2.5" External Drive Enclosure Joe checks it out.

June 28

MS and MickieD They have more in common than you might think.

June 27

A Fab Delay Will Intel's fabrication plant delays be be fabulous for AMD?

June 26

Heatsink Mounting Pressure and Flatness vs Performance Not getting what you expect from your thermal grease? Possible answers HERE.

June 25

Three Freeware Video Editing Programs A number of readers felt that VirtualDub was a better alternative to Video Dub - You decide HERE.

June 24

Heatsink Mounting Pressure and Flatness vs Performance Lapping a heatsink for a performance gain? How you do it makes a difference - Details HERE.

June 23

HD 4850: What To Think It's OK, and shows what AMD needs to do in the CPU field, but a certain nVidia move makes us fear that in the long run, AMD is going to fail physics.

June 21

A "New" Processor From AMD You are not going to be able to compete in the world of tinyPCs if you think you can make a tinyCPU by slowing down and cutting down a desktop chip.

June 20

Pinnacle VideoSpin Not bad for crippleware - Details HERE.

June 19

A New Urban Legend I speak, of course, of the legendary superporn virus.

June 18

Video Dub Simple video editing tool - Details HERE.

June 17

Flip Video Camcorder Fun, drop-dead easy, small camcorder - my take on it HERE.

June 16

Fair Use Vs. Hot News The Associated Press' recent actions open up brand-new legal issues.

June 14

The Nehalem OS Does Apple think it can catch Microsoft asleep at the wheel?

June 13

Vaporons We have another case of AMD cancelling and babbling.

June 12

Silenx IEXTREMA IXC-120HA2 Very quiet and high performance - Test Results HERE.

June 11

My Quest for a Near-noiseless and Cool Computer Without Watercooling Josh's How-To HERE. A clever idea for hard drive mounting.

June 10

The Minis Are Coming! The Minis Are Coming! Mini laptops are all the rage - but what about keyboard ergonomics? My thoughts HERE.

June 9

Lawsuits and Investigation What to make of all the AMD/Intel legal stuff.

June 7

An Improvement? We speak about "hidden pins" and a secret multiplier.

June 6

Not Quite Versus Not At All Intel doesn't seem to be quite ready yet with Nehalem, but there's no sign of anything 45nm and green in Taiwan.

June 5

Intel's GPU Overclocking Some thoughts on Intel's newest GPUs and overclocking HERE.

June 4

Getting A Clue It's hard to argue intelligently about broadband caps when we don't know how much we use.

June 3

What-to-Do Contest How I finally solved this problem - Details HERE.

June 2

Tegra nVidia's entry into the CPU world is important.

May 31

The Internet Telephone Game If people playing "Telephone" can't relay an accurate message, imagine what happens on the Internet.

May 30

The Real Meaning of Atom Intel Atoms aren't very good. That's not a problem. They're not meant for us. That's the problem.

May 29

What-to-Do Contest Solve this equipment problem and win a prize - Details HERE.

May 28

Team 32 presents - the OCForums "Independence Day" Folding Contest

The Prize - Intel Q6600 G0

- Sign-ups: Sunday, May 25th @ 12:00am PDT through Saturday, June 7th @ 11:59pm PDT.

- Contest duration: Sunday, June 8th @ 12:00am PDT through Saturday, July 5th @ 11:59pm PDT.

- What you need to do: Fold work units for Team 32. Each work unit Folded for Team 32 within the contest period will earn each participant one entry for the prize drawing... think about it like a raffle.

This contest is not about points... it's about science! You do not need the latest hardware, a large Folding farm, or otherwise to participate in this contest and have a chance at winning. All those things will certainly help increase your chances, but a participant who Folds only one work unit within the contest period still has one chance to win the prize. A participant with a single machine can win this contest.

This contest is open to any and all who sign-up and Fold work units for Team 32 within the contest period.

Please join us and show support for overclockers.com, OCForums, and Team 32 - OCForums "Independence Day" Folding Contest and Stanford University Folding@Home Project

Equipment Problems I'm having one of those days - however, I ran across Unknown Device Identifier 6.01 which I thought readers might like to have in their toolkits for just such a day.

May 27

Kingwin Mach 1 1000 Watt Power Supply Hefty power supply for power hungry PCs - Details HERE.

May 26

Slowing Down or Screwing Up? Another set of Intel delays gives us the opportunity to point out Intel's core problem.

May 24

Nehalem Benchmarks? That ought to be the highlight at Computex.

May 23

Intel "Price Cuts" Much less than they might initially seem.

May 22

SansDigital 5-Bay 3.5" IDE / SATA Hard Drive Rack A neat way to organize and power a bunch of hard drives - Details HERE.

May 21

iStarUSA X-Rack Removable SATA Hard Drive A terrific way to swap hard drives to isolate various operating systems on one PC - Details HERE.

May 20

Overclock Your Apps - Actual Booster v3.1 Here's a neat little utility that can speed things up - Details HERE.

May 19

Lunatics Running The Asylum, Part III We try to get into the mind (however small that may be) of a loon and their asylums, finishing up with some thoughts on what to do about them.

May 17

Lunatics Running The Asylum, Part II Why are there so many loons on the Internet? We suggest a few perhaps less obvious reasons.

May 16

KINGWIN Revolution RVT-12025D 120mm H.D.T. CPU Cooler ON SALE There's a $20 Rebate on this heatsink, bringing the cost down to $15 - Details HERE. In addition there is a FREE hard drive cooler available - Details HERE.

Lunatics Running The Asylum We start a series on why people are such loons on the Internet.

May 15

DIY Laptop Repairs It can be done! Some links I found useful if you want to get "involved" HERE.

May 14

ASUS C90S Overclocking Laptop I put together a Barebones How-To; if you're considering going laptop barebones, this might help you to decide - Details HERE.

May 13

Vantec NexStar 3i Attractive USB SATA Hard Drive Enclosure with power management software - Details HERE.

OCForums Folding@Home Chimp Challenge 2008 Contribute your PC's idle time to a worthy cause and vanquish the competition! Details HERE.

May 12

A Foolish Lock Why an FSB lock on certain future Intel processors is foolish for Intel.

May 10

Arab Claus Will he be sliding down some AMD Dresden chimney next week?

May 9

Try and Top This for toughest data retrieval story.

I Want Money AMD tells a court it needs more than twice its current CPU revenues to stay alive long-term. What are they really up to?

May 8

Ubuntu 8.04 One reader's frustrating journey with Linux ends happily with Ubuntu - Details HERE.

May 7

Paint.Net Image Editing Software Another free image editing tool and a great complement to Photoscape - Details HERE.

May 6

Addonics Snap-In ExDrive25 Portable enclosure with easy drive changing - Details HERE.

May 5

The Ninety Nine Cent Barcelona Super Deal Insane prices, even crazier execution.

May 3

Find the Fab That delayed Intel fab is causing additional delays and shortages.

May 2

Another Lackluster Generation No relief from AMD's new but still too slow 45nm chips.

May 1

Ubuntu 8.04 Much ado about not much? With one notable exception. My take on it HERE.

April 30

Vantec NexStar SATA Drive Dock Just like a toaster - Details HERE.

April 29

Eagle Consus I-Series External Dual SATA Enclosure Reader's respond with "killer features" for an external enclosure HERE.

April 28

Intel Shortages 45nm chips are scarce. Here's why they're going to stay that way for a while.

April 26

S&B Hmmm, looks like some promised Phenoms are REALLY vaporware.

April 25

Money Matters We show how strongly AMD's technology decisions are money-driven.

April 24

ASUS C90S Overclocking Laptop A detailed look at what this laptop can deliver - Details HERE.

April 23

Portable Apps for Flash Drives The ultimate travel PC? My take on it HERE.

April 22

Photoscape Image Editor One of the best FREE image editors I have seen - Details HERE.

April 21

Free Love AMD doesn't need free love, it needs cold cash.

April 19

Is Overclocking Doomed? Someone asks if overclocking will die with the desktops. We say, "Nah."

April 18

AMD Disearnings Bottom line, this company is going to have to be bailed out.

April 17

Corsair Survivor 32 GB USB Drive Fast access time, huge capacity and rugged - overall a good package - Details HERE.

April 16

Eagle Consus I-Series External Dual SATA Enclosure A look at a two-drive enclosure and a CONTEST - Details HERE.

April 15

NewerTechnology USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter An essential tool for those of us with lots of spare hard drives - Details HERE.

April 14

Dell Vostro 200 Slim Tower On sale again for $379 with a 19" analog monitor HERE for the next two days. This little budget box will support Intel CPUs from the E2000 series to E8000, FSBs from 800 to 1333 MHz. My review HERE showed it to be an excellent budget overclocker using pad-modded CPUs. Best bet is to use 800 FSB CPUs and pad mod to 1333 MHz - the E2160 will make the jump almost always to 3 GHz with stock cooling.

Homo Mobilis Mobility is killing the old PC star.

April 12

Selling Lawsuits This is turning into AMD's most important business.

April 11

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop The problem with AMD's financial warning isn't that it happened, but that's it's going to keep happening.

April 10

cRADIA flexLapper Notebook Cooler Large, quiet fan - the rest needs work - Details HERE.

April 9

Intel Dual Core Processor Specs - Finding the "Gold" Looking for the best bang for the buck - Details HERE.

April 8

Kingwin Elite SATA 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure A sturdy, attractive package with easy one-button data backup - Details HERE.

April 7

Comparing Apples To Apples We have a different view on the Apple-New York City logo controversy.

April 5

The AMD Bomb Forget about a handful of AMD chips found in Iraqi roadside bombs. If AMD tries a fab spinoff with UAE money, they're going to set off a political timebomb.

April 4

Digital Policy/Chronological Divide Look at the U.S. presidential candidates and their stands on digital issues, and the real divide is whether they're old or not.

April 2

Applying Thermal Grease Anything but the "razor blade" works well - Details HERE.

April 1

Intel Corporation's Multicore Architecture Briefing A revealing look ahead at a new CPU series - Details HERE.

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