The USP45
Universelle Selbstlade Pistole
Caliber .45 ACP

As a natural follow on to the USP40 and 9mm came the USP45.  In 1985, when the United States Armed Forces chose the Beretta 9mm 92F as the new official pistol to replace the venerable old 1911, many cried that the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol was dead.  Far from it, the .45 has refused to die, and is fighting strong all across the world.  Naturally, it was said, the USP45 would come to be, especially since the SOCOM pistol was under development at about the same time.

Differences in the USP45 from the 9mm and .40 cal versions are:

.16 inches (4mm) longer
.28 inches (6.8mm) taller with magazine
.16 lbs. heavier than USP40
Comparable in trigger reach, width at grip and slide and grip circumference.
The USP45 was made available for sale in May, 1995.

For further information about the entire USP series, please see the USP9 & .40 Page.


Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in/mm) Height (in/mm) Weight (lb/kg) bbl. length (in/mm) Overall
Length (in/mm)
.45 ACP NA 10/12 Semi 1.26 5.55 1.74 4.41 7.87
.45 ACP NA 10/12 Semi 32 141 .79 112 200
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USP45 with Stainless Steel slide.

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