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Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle star Kal Penn often lets his fans down when they realize he isn’t the “stoner” he portrays in the movies.The Asian-American star is often high onscreen, but he insists he has never so much as smoked a joint in real-life. Penn says, “It’s sad for the people who offer me a joint because I don’t smoke weed in real life. I was also a vegetarian when we shot the first movie and that was about burgers.”I don’t go out of my way to tell people I was a vegetarian or that I don’t smoke weed, because I don’t want them to be disappointed.”If you want to keep the suspension of disbelief that’s OK, but then sometimes it’s weird.”
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showbiznews 1368 showbiznews Published 4/26/08   Message Add to Friends

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Comments (2)

  • Sad...
    anonymous anonymous 4/28/08 Reply
  • that honestly changes how i feel about his movies. what a poser.
    anonymous anonymous 4/29/08 Reply

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