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Who was Brian?

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Brian was
a son

Brian was
a brother


Brian was
a friend

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Brian was killed
for being a punk

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Brian Deneke was murdered
on December 12, 1997
-He was 19 years old-

Brian did not die because he deserved to. Brian did not die because he asked to. Brian died because he was different. He was a nonconformist. He was an Individualist. He was a free spirit. Brian was also a thoughtful and caring young man, a good son, a good friend. His life was full of promise. His murder deprived this community of someone who had already begun to make a difference to it and no doubt would have made an even greater difference in the future. Brian Deneke is gone. His death has left a divided city, a shocked city, a hurt city in its wake. It has also left us a memory of who Brian was and what he stood for. That memory can serve either a negative purpose or a positive one.

We want to let our memory of Brian and what he stood for serve a positive purpose. To that end, we have organized the Brian Deneke Memorial Committee. We believe that his memory, and this committee, can serve the following goals:

-To encourage tolerance, dialog, and civilized respect for different lifestyles and perspectives in this community

-To see that justice is done through the legal system

-To discourage violence and prevent acts of retaliation

-To actually support the victims of this crime.



We have become aware that some people may be planning memorial shows unrelated to the official National Deneke Memorial. We appreciate efforts to keep Brian`s memory alive and the promotion of individuality and tolerance. We are concerned, however, of unscrupulous people using Brian`s name and/or the National Deneke Memorial for personal gain or to support things we may not approve of. Only shows approved by the National Deneke Memorial and listed @ www.myspace.com/natldenekememorial are legitimate. We ask that you support the official shows and their goals.

If you are organizing a show in memory of Brian, please contact the National Deneke Memorial through the myspace site for info on becoming a part of the official Memorial. You may also contact us here for more info. The National Deneke Memorial was founded to commemorate the 10 th year of Brian's death. The official events are mainly scheduled for December 8, 2007. There is no intention of holding future memorials but if you plan any event in Brian's memory in 2008 (separate from NDM) you may still contact the Memorial with your intentions.

Thank you for all the support over the past ten years!

-The Denekes

To stay current on Brian Deneke memorials and benefits, please visit the official Nation Brian Deneke MySpace Page


Want to help??
Please pass out flyers or  Order a t-shirt or Send a dollar

We can be contacted:
Brian Deneke Memorial Committee
P.O. Box 2531
Amarillo, TX  79105
or via email

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