Introducing A Witch’s Tale

By Spencer . June 6, 2008 . 5:36am

To my surprise, NIS America had a game I never heard of at their press event. However, A Witch's Tale was so new there weren’t any copies to play around with. Instead I saw the trailer, posted below for your convenience, projected on a screen.




Aside from the Halloween theme, that movie didn’t explain much. The gameplay sounds interesting, though. A Witch’s Tale has players draw runes on the touch screen to attack creepy fairy tale characters. What sounds similar to the World Ends With You, all combat commands in the game are done with the help of the touch screen.


A Witch’s Tale was the only game not developed by Nippon Ichi Software at the event. Hitmaker, the team behind Blade Dancer and Dragoneer’s Aria, is developing the title which will be their first Nintendo DS game. When I spoke to Haru Akenaga, the President of NIS America, he explained A Witch’s Tale is targeting their North American audience. Actually, A Witch’s Tale is a game NIS America wanted to develop since last June. This will be explained in greater detail when the interview is completely transcribed and online.


A Witch's Tale with its extra story stage you get after beating the game is scheduled to come out in North America in October, just in time for Halloween.


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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8 Responses to “Introducing A Witch’s Tale”

Archer Says:

This certainly is interesting. So is this a game that’s specifically developed for the states? (Haven’t been keeping up with the news lately…)

Louise Says:

The art style looks a lot like Grim Grimoire. I’m going to keep my eyes open for gameplay videos.

JeremyR Says:

That was actually the case with Dragoneer’s Aria as well (aimed for a US audience). Guess that didn’t work out, or they’d be doing a sequel.

Hayden Says:

As Jeremy noted this is not the first time JP companies have mentioned the ‘targeting a US audience’ with a such title. We know nothing of gameplay, but I would really be interested to know what such ‘targeting’ means to the JP developers/publishers. I’d hope they are smart enough to know that the mass US player won’t be dropping their Madden and GTA over such things. Or do the companies have data that show the interests of niche RPG US players are somehow just a little different from JP counterparts?

Spencer Says:

@Hayden - I’m aware many Japanese publishers are looking at games with an international eye. There is more to the story in regards to A Witch’s Tale though…

Perhaps, you’ll find some answers when our interview goes live….

Pichi Says:

Very interested in the title! Love the main character and the character designs I’ve seen. So far, its really fitting Halloween for me!

EvilAkito Says:

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It always puts me in the mood to play Splatterhouse, as well as Castlevania (though I’m pretty much always in the mood for Castlevania). I don’t know much about this game, but if it turns out to be fun, it could be another title for my Halloween gaming roster.

dkong Says:

“What sounds similar to the World Ends With You”
You’re kidding right? There’s a LOT of DS games that incorporate using the touch screen to attack enemies.

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