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Church Attendance

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You have opened the research archive about Church attendance. The statistics and analysis in this archive come from national surveys conducted by Barna Research.

How Many  

  • 47% of American adults attend church in a typical weekend, not including a special event such as a wedding or a funeral. (2005)

    Percentage of adults nationwide who have attended a church service in the past seven days not including a special event such as a wedding or a funeral. 2004-43% 2002-43% 2001-42% 2000-40% 1997-43% 1996-37% 1992-47% 1991-49%

  • 62% of Republicans attended church in a typical weekend compared to 47% of Democrats. (2006)
  • 44% of men nationwide compared with 50% of women have attended a church service, not including a special event such as a wedding or a funeral, in the past seven days. (2006)
  • Married people are more likely than singles to attend church in a typical weekend: 52% versus 38% respectively. (2006)
  • Blacks (52%) are the ethnic group most likely to have attended a religious service in the past week, followed by whites (49%), Hispanics (41%), and Asians (29%). (2006)
  • Catholics and Protestants had virtually the same likelihood of attending church in 2006. Catholics: 2006 55% 2004 51% 2002 46% 2000 49% Protestants: 2006 58% 2004 52% 2002 53% 2000 47%

  • Mosaics are least likely to attend church in a typical weekend (33%) versus Baby Busters (43%), Baby Boomers (49%), and Elders (54%). (2006)
  • Attendance levels are still higher in the “Bible belt” areas – the South and Midwest – than in the Northeast and West. 54% of those in the Midwest and 51% of those in the South and attend church in a typical week, compared to 41% of those in the Northeast and 39% of those in the West. (2006)

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