SAN JOSE, Calif. Umaga held his Intercontinental Championship in his teeth and cocked his head to the left. Boos rained down from the rafters in the HP Pavilion as the Samoan Bulldozer’s wild eyes surveyed the broken body of Jeff Hardy.

Who knows if Umaga fully understood what was going on. One thing was for sure: he had defeated Jeff Hardy, one of WWE’s greatest Superstars and the coveted Intercontinental Championship was still firmly in his grasp.

Before their showdown at The Great American Bash, Hardy had said that being in the ring with Umaga was like a nightmare. Umaga had defeated Hardy earlier this year for the Intercontinental Championship, and had used his mass and savagery to turn back his attempts to regain the gold. In recent weeks, the monster had looked particularly dominant in battles against Santino Marella.

All this weighed on Hardy’s mind as he entered his battle with Umaga at The Bash. He likened his challenge to the struggle David had against Goliath. Unfortunately for the “Rainbow-haired” warrior, he wasn’t nearly as successful. Jeff astonished our fans and stunned Umaga with his patented death-defying moves. Dropkicks, inverted mule kicks and patented Whisper in the Wind whipped our rabid fans – especially Hardy’s nation of fans – into a frenzy. Our fans chanted “one-two …” and then moaned in disappointment after Jeff dropped a breathtaking Swanton Bomb onto Umaga only for the Samoan Bulldozer to narrowly avoid the three-count.

But to Umaga’s credit, he showed resilience and our fans why Superstars have found him so difficult to defeat. After avoiding a charge from Hardy in the corner, he unleashed a furious assault that included a crescent kick that buckled the high-flier, a charging butt splash that whiplashed his neck and then finally a Samoan Spike that turned Hardy inside out.

Fans looked in awe as Umaga carried his Intercontinental Championship like a dead animal. As Jeff Hardy pulled himself up, our fans erupted with a standing ovation. David did not slay Goliath this night … but he was still victorious.

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