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Court Approves Anonymization of YouTube Logs in Viacom Case

More Address Book Shenanigans From Yet Another Social Networking Service

FTP Client Developer: " I want you to stop using FTP."

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Editor's Note: Instant-ish Messaging on iPhone 2.0
By Michael Hall - Published July 11, 2008
Users have been clamoring for an instant messaging application on the iPhone. With this week's launch of the new App Store and the arrival of Apple-approved third-party apps, they're closer than they were, but still not quite there. [more Public IM]

And Now a Word From Our IM Bot
By Michael Hall - Published July 1, 2008
A new generation of IM bots is done trying to mimic human conversation ... it has its work cut out for it pushing affiliate links and rehabilitating corporate images. [more Public IM]

Take Your IM Public on Facebook
By Vangie Beal - Published June 26, 2008
Facebook's app may have quieted the market for third-party, in-site IM, but several tools that connect Facebook users to public networks appear to be thriving. [more Public IM]

How About a Nice Game of Thermonuclear IM-Overload?
By Michael Hall - Published June 17, 2008
This week, e-mail overload dominates the coverage in the New York Times and on NPR, but that may be because reporters didn't think to ask about IM. [more Public IM]

AOL Intros Ad Revenue-Sharing Program
By Michael Hall - Published June 10, 2008
AIM Money will offer OpenAIM developers a cut of ad revenues from its Platform-A advertising network as the company tries to translate market penetration into revenue. [more Public IM]

Bot Builder Aids Experienced and Aspiring Bot Developers
By Vangie Beal - Published June 3, 2008
Zion Software's JBuddy Bot Builder makes it easy to create IM bots for enterprise developers and dabblers alike. [more Enterprise IM]

AOL Buddies Up with OpenSocial
By Kenneth Corbin - Published May 30, 2008
Balance tilts as another heavyweight signs on to the Google-backed set of social networking developer tools. [more Public IM]

Who Is IBM's IM-ing CEO?
By Andy Patrizio - Published May 27, 2008
Not too many C-level executives have a Second Life avatar. Sam Palmisano has two. These are just two of the qualities that separate him from his peers. [more Enterprise IM]

Facebook Chat Draws Enterprise Attention
By Vangie Beal - Published May 19, 2008
Facebook's Chat application brings IM to the popular social networking site along with scrutiny from enterprise users considering the security implications. [more Enterprise IM]

Reasons To Hate IM (Both Philosophical And Practical)
Published May 14, 2008
Datamation's Chris Nerney: "Maybe 'hate' is too strong a word, but I've always had a strong aversion to instant messaging, especially in the workplace." [more Public IM]

Microsoft Goes Live With Video on Messenger
Published May 12, 2008
Instant-messaging service allows simultaneous chatting and viewing. [more Public IM]

WebMessenger Bridges BlackBerry-Microsoft OCS Divide
By Michael Hall - Published May 5, 2008
Sensing opportunity where Microsoft's competitive spirit had closed doors, WebMessenger announces a product to bring BlackBerry users into the Office Communications Server fold. [more Enterprise IM]

AOL to Open VoIP APIs
By Kenneth Corbin - Published April 29, 2008
On the heels of Open AIM, AOL is now planning to open its pay-per-minute Call Out service to developers. [more Enterprise IM]

Review: Jabbering and Tweeting With Emacs
By Michael Hall - Published April 22, 2008
Looking for another reason to crawl inside Emacs and never come out? Two packages offer access to Jabber and Twitter from the venerable text editor. [more Public IM]

Turn Firefox Into an IM Control Center
By Michael Hall - Published April 17, 2008
If you spend most of your online time in a browser anyhow, you might not need a desktop IM client. Especially if you're using Firefox. [more Public IM]

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