Skeleteen has a solid EP on there hands here with Bury The Seasons.  The group
really has a knack for soniclly punching you in the gut with uncompromising &
darkly twisted melodies.  This trio can have your head in a lull with a soft, mellow
riff & then attack you with a totally unexpected dose of heavy guitar & rhythems.
For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, & similar bands.
-The Audio Nut
Future Static Records
The Sun is Always Setting
Bury The Seasons
2008 sees a rerelease of The Sun is Always Setting, this time remastered for optimal  sound quality.  Recorded over a span of 5 years and traveling the country from pines to palms these recordings embody the people i have met and the places i have been. 
$3.oo Download
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Movimientos is a passage in time.  Listening is like Collecting the artists
memmories and trying to put the pieces in the correct order to complete a glimpse into a world very foreign yet very similiar.  From deep space ambience
to scattered flittering beats to chiming guitars and world percussion,Movimientos invites the ears to challenge the heart.  Movimientos is a passage in time.
-KSPC Radio
$5.00  Download
The People in Your Neighborhood
$12.oo Download
A compilation album from Sounds Like Tomorrow featuring all bands from southern california.proceeds from sales will go toward The Midnight Mission in LA, who helps feed, clothe, medicate, house, and employ homeless & needy people. 
73 Different artists donated 73 different tracks.
Over 5 1/2 hours of music.