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Written by Tim   
Saturday, 02 September 2006

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I started this project because Bioforge in my mind is the greatest game I have ever played, and I have always wanted to be able to play Bioforge under Windows and/or Linux for that matter. Therefore the goal of this project is to extract models, sounds, and movies from the game Bioforge and perhaps create (recreate?) a 3rd person OpenGL game based upon Bioforge.

Dr. Mastaba
You're last glimpse of the world as only human: Dr. Mastaba

Following is a description of Bioforge (for those that have lived an unfortunate Bioforge-less life) sourced from

In the far future, a fanatical group of religious extremists known as the Mondites have begun a campaign of galactic conquest. Lead by the seriously whacked-out Prime Paragon, the Mondites believe in the evolution of man through machine by cybernetic implants. Unfortunately everyone they've applied their theory to so far has ended up either dead or insane. Until you came along.

You are a prisoner in a Mondite complex with no memory of your former life. Your body has been turned into a hideous cybernetic nightmare by the evil Dr. Mastaba. The Mondites have discovered a long dead alien civilization of unimaginable power. And to make matters worse one of the aliens was accidentally revived from its tomb and is now running rampant throughout the complex.

Bioforge is an action-adventure game similar to Alone in the Dark. It features polygonal characters over pre-rendered backgrounds, and 3D Tekken-ish combat.


Bioforge Tools is written fully in managed C# .NET and is able to open/view (extract) the majority (hopefully all in the near future) of the files contained in the 1995 Origin Systems title 'Bioforge'.

Bioforge Tools
Bioforge Tools: the definitive Bioforge media viewer


  • Supports the following file formats: .BED, .CAM, .IFF, .FLX, .SHO
  • Custom internal .SHO/.FLC movie player
  • Entirely written in managed C# .NET code
  • Single instance Multiple Document Interface
  • Installer associates known file types


  • Obviously you need a copy of Bioforge
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (installer will automatically check for, and download if necessary)

CAM viewer
Bioforge Tools CAM file viewer

View and extract hundreds of amazing pre-rendered backgrounds (animated).

BED viewer
Bioforge Tools BED file viewer/player

View and animate all the 3D character models used within the game. Also, view all the 3D items from within the game ... "A hunk of meat!"

SHO player
Bioforge Tools SHO file player

Play all the Bioforge movies using the purpose built player.

Plus, play/extract hundreds of sound effects and music tracks, and read/extract all the in-game text (monitors, diaries, etc.)

All from within Windows! Enjoy! 


icon Bioforge Tools 1.0.0 (1.53 MB) 

Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 December 2006 )
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Would you like to see a Bioforge remake for Windows/Linux?

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