Sydney 1665AM   Wollongong 99.3FM
Scanner 151.925FM & 173.600 FM
Darwin 92.3 FM
A Brief History
In September 1996, there was something new on the wave band of 1665 AM. It did not have a name as yet and it continuously played Greek music 24 hours a day. Every body was talking about the new station with no name and no announcements. Then all of a sudden it was  given a name: 2MM. It was to be the first Greek speaking radio station that broadcasted free to air in Sydney. Every Greek home and shop tuned in waiting to see if this was just a short term station or was this going to stay for good.
We wanted to give to the Greek community something extra something for them in their language, something they can take in and understand. It was an innovating but daring experience, which has now grown and matured beyond our original expectations.
From humble beginnings we have now grown to meet the demands placed upon us by the large speaking community of Sydney and Wollongong and soon to be Darwin. Since then a lot has changed, the experimental radio station has turned into a professional one and the broadcasts have been enhanced with journalistic zones and full time programs. We gained a reputation that has lasted.
Level 1A, 503-507 Marrickville Rd
Dulwich Hill Sydney
N.S.W. 2203
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