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Welcome Past Students & Other Interested Parties

Chadstone High Logo-A Phoenix rising from it's own ashes.

Welcome to our fledging Chaddy High Website. I had previously developed a site for Solway State School (which I also attended) & this seemed a natural progression from that. At the time of writing this, I am having a lot of trouble finding old school photos and information but we'll get there eventually - Ian Gardener (class of '77)

If you would like to see what we hope to achieve, check out our Solway State School site and in particular, the class of 1971 area. We would love to get copies of your old school photos both for the site and because mine disappeared from my parents house, many years ago. Our main aim is acquiring and freely distributing class photos and facilitating reunions and get-togethers. We've also put together a bit about the schools history, interesting links & any other interesting nostalgia we come across.


As I mentioned above, this site is essentially growing as an extesnsion of my primary school site. We hope to accumulate many old class photos for your enjoyment and are particularly getting pictures from people who attended the school in the early to mid seventies.

We respect everyone's privacy and will not pass on or publish contact details without your permission. We can keep your details totally private and only contact you to advise you of reunions or messages waiting for you in the forums, we can forward emails from people wanting to contact you without them ever seeing your contact details or we can publish contact info for you, whatever you find appropriate. You can also use the message forums and again, you can choose to have your email address displayed there or, keep your email hidden & our system will automatically notify you when someone replies to a message you have left. You then have the choice of contacting the person directly if their email is shown, or just communicating in the forums without your private details ever being known.

What does class of xxxx mean? It is a method of defining groups of students only and is also more of a guide than a rule. Example: I was in the class of 1971, that means I completed the highest year at this school (grade 6 in this case) in the year 1971. The class of 71 includes all those people that were ever in the same class/year as me even if they stayed down a year & finsihed after me or skipped a year, finishing before me. It would also include kids who only went to the school for a couple of years or transferred to another school before grade 6. It's just a way of identifying groups of students who shared friends & experiences.

What about Surnames? To keep things simple and so you can recognise them, we identify all people with the names you knew them by at school. Where someone prefers a different variation to their first name now, we include the original version in brackets. We do not show married names for the ladies - this avoids confusion and helps to protect privacy. Name variations can be discussed in the forums area.

Hints For Navigating These Pages


BIG NEWS - The 2007 "Class of 1977" reunion is being organised and the date & venue set. Click here for full details.

At this stage we are advised that the following ex students are, or should be, attending: George Apeitos, Heather Bedgegood, Kaye Browne, Peter Dawson, Bruce Eager, Karen Eva, David Everett, Mick Fisher, Ian Gardener, Scott Griffiths, Noel Holland, Chris Kakouros, Liz Kaszpryk, Tony Kazakos, Karen Keys, Linda Kouvaras, Paul Martin, Karen Smart, Janet Morgan, Michael Sommerville, Jenny Patterson, Andrew Pertopoulis, Angela Pugsley, Margot Quigley, Mark Riccioni, Gary Roach, Kerry Theodora, Alex Todd, Harry Vougue, Kira White, Mandy Young.

We have also been asked to assist finding Alan Cloke, Ross Diggins, Karen Edwardes, Colin Fergeus, Peter Mathieson, Lyn Russell & Linda Wallace. If you know how to contact them, please let us know:

Watch for the new Chaddy class of 1981 page coming soon - thanks to Howard Philpott. We are also developing a class of 1979 page with the assistance of Felicity Nicholls.


Chadstone High School opened in 1960 to service new housing estates being developed in the area's South East (Chadstone Shopping Centre also opened the same year). It was a standard education department design of the time and several identical schools were built around Melbourne, one of which still exists in Caulfield.

It basically had three recreation areas which were the quadrangle, which doubled as basketball courts & general assembly area. There were tennis courts near the common rooms and tuck shop and there was an oval that was shared with the neighbouring Chadstone Primary School. Lunch & other breaks had to be scheduled with the primary school to avoid conflicts.

Portables at Chadstone High School in 1962
The for sale sign was a prank by the 1973 HSC students.

In it's heyday the school had hundreds of students, hosted a greek language school on Saturday mornings, and was heavily involved in local sports and entertainment. Prior to the redevelopment of the Chadstone Shopping Centre, the school usually put on annual theater productions at the Chadstone Shopping Centre auditorium. I still remember the doughnut shop next to the auditorium. Their motto was emblazoned across the front wall in mosaic:

"As you travel through your life brother, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut, & not upon the hole" - I digress...

For many years the school, under the direction of long serving principal "R.K.Senior", worked to raise funds to build an assembly hall that could double as gymnasium and theater. The dream was eventually fulfilled but soon after completion the school faced declining student numbers and in 1990 the school closed. It then sat empty & mainly unused for a number of years.

Long serving principal R.K. Senior (deceased).
Chaddy High being gutted.

"The former Chadstone High School site was eventually purchased by the Stonnington council and in 1998 Council commenced an extensive redevelopment of "Phoenix Park" in East Malvern. Rising from the site of the demolished Chadstone High School, works have included extensive landscaping, the construction of a children's adventure playground and a new library and community centre. At each stage of the redevelopment Council and the local community worked together to create a community masterpiece" - quote from Stonnington Council.

"Phoenix Park is now a first class facility. The community centre and library have opened and feedback from residents has been extremely positive. Council wishes to thank all residents and community groups that helped to make this project such a success and encourages all people in Stonnington to enjoy this fantastic community centre" - quote from Stonnington Council.

Footnote: The school was demolished but the near new R.K.Senior hall was saved. Today it forms part of the new Phoenix Park precinct. The honour boards which once sat in the office foyer of the school have been saved and are now located in the various buildings that make up "Phoenix Park" complex. These boards show school captains, prefects, dux, etc.

Phoenix Park today - 
	   incorporating the saved R.K.Senior hall.

Chadstone No More

For years "Chadstone" the suburb, was considered by many (mostly people who lived in chadstone) to be the poor cousin to neighbouring East Malvern. In 1991 council caved in to those who wanted a more upwardly mobile address than Chadstone. Areas previously known as Chadstone that were within the Stonnington boundaries, were renamed to East Malvern.

School Photos

We need your Chaddy High school photos to expand this site. If you can help, please click here to send us a message. If you would like to get an idea of where we would like to go with this, visit the Solway State School Class of '71 pages on this site, to get an idea.

Class of 1977

Thanks to margot Quigley, we now have the beginnings of a class of '77 page. Click here to check it out.

Class of 1979

Class of 1979 now under development in association with Felicity Nicholls. Click here to see the page as it currently stands.

Class of 1981

Class of 1981 page now under development here in association with Howard Phillpot.

Message Forums

Check out our schoolfriends forums to leave a message for, or contact old Chaddy High friends & classmates. Just click the Schoolfriends Forum tab at the top of the page.

Obituaries & Other Notices

It's a difficult subject but none of us are getting any younger (don't you hate that) and already a few of our classmates are no longer with us. We've had a couple of requests & have agreed to post a notice of anyone passing away, of which we become aware. Click on the "Notices" heading to see these & other notices including births, reunions, etc. Please let us know if you have some information that belongs in the notices area.


Thanks to Mark Lewandowski - I have shamelessly stolen pictures from his Chaddy High Web Page. You can view his page by clicking Here.
Check out the Chaddy High photo gallery to see more of Mark's great pictures.