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Documentaries: Why Men Pay For It

What inspires men to pay women for sex? Availability: World excl Australia. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE FULL VERSION


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A new broadband site offering outstanding documentaries, films are offered on a pay per view or a monthly subscription basis.

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Green TV

Today I Changed the World, And Myself Play

Environmental and ecological issues explored on film

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  • Today I Changed the World, And Myself

    Presented by BTCV Vice President, Sir David Attenborough, we find out how volunteering with BTCV transforms both people and places and how small environmental changes can make a big difference...

  • Future in Fusion

    Nuclear fusion - will it produce a limitless source of clean, green energy? visits the Culham Science Centre, home of UK fusion research, to find out if fusion is the future.

  • Highly Endangered Rhino Moved to Manas

    There are only around 1,700 Greater Asian one-horned rhinos left in the world. In February 2008, a one-and-a-half year-old female rhino calf was successfully rehabilitated and relocated to Manas National Park. This calf is only the fourth rhino in the park following 3 others moved by IFAW and partner organization Wildlife Trust of India in the last two years.

  • Fairtrade Coffee in Uganda

    Here we look at Fairtrade certified coffee producers in Uganda. Fairtrade has helped to improve their quality of life and has helped fund various community projects.

  • Solar Energy

    If solar panels are the solution to global warming, why are they not everywhere already? Gwenan Edwards talks to Toby Ferenczi about his research into solar energy at Imperial.

  • Congo Expedition

    Thanks to their size, strength and intelligence, gorillas face almost no mortal threats from other animals except human beings. Sadly, that's what they're up against in the Congo Basin. Join Conservation International President, Russ Mittermeier, on a journey to discover gorillas in the wild, and meet the communities that are working together to protect these amazing primates.

  • The People of Bukit Lawang

    In Bukit Lawang, devastating flooding attributed to illegal logging in the surrounding Gunung Leuser National Park caused over 239 deaths in 2003. Since the floods, this village community has been involved in voluntary forest governance enforcement schemes in an attempt to curb illegal logging in the National Park, and has embraced the important role of ecotourism in the preservation of their surrounding forests.

  • Protecting the Oceans

    If it's raining where you are, the oceans played a role. If you drove to work today, the seas are absorbing the carbon dioxide from your car. No matter where you live on Earth, what you do affects the oceans - and what happens to the oceans affects you.

  • Vitya - The Recycling Man

    Vitya aims to do three things- explore the environmental theme of recycling, give an insight into the social landscape of rural India, and draw an engaging portrait of a man who lives a full yet uncomplicated life. He comes across as a likeable character. Both confident and humble, generous and honest. By giving an insight into Vitya's life the film also helps to communicate to audiences the atmosphere within a rural Indian village, low-income entrepreneurship within the rural economy, small-scale industry within Indian towns, and the intimate nature and traditional values of the Indian family.

  • More For Less

    Two men called Martin and Alf have been living over the past few years from the excessive waste generated by people and supermarkets. In a way they have chosen to go against the societal norm of having steady, paid jobs and yet survive well by not participating in the process of earning money and adding to the burden of existing over-consumption in western society which creates far more throwaway waste than we can handle. As they put it 'being content to live off less'. Taking this stand of living leaves them more time to interact with members of the public and communal service.

  • Design to make you green with envy visits Cavendish Square in London to see the latest trends in ethical and fairtrade fashion for the upcoming season. From handbags, clothes and shoes to ethical jewellery, eco-fashion is really hitting the mainstream.

  • Urban Wind

    Stunning timelapse film of the construction of 3 wind turbines at Bristol Port. The turbines will produce over 15 million units of new green electricity annually, enough to save around 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year for the next 30 years.

  • Jeunesse Park

    The United Nations Environment Programme has awarded this year's Sasakawa Prize on the theme of Climate Change to an individual, Jeunesse Park, CEO of Food & Trees for Africa.

  • Destination Antarctica

    About 30,000 travellers visit Antarctica every year, but should we be there at all? Destination Antarctica looks at the wildlife and landscape of one of the Earth's most fragile environments.

  • Sumatra

    In the past few decades, Sumatra's lowland forests have shrunk dramatically, from 16 million hectares in 1900 to just 500,000-600,000 hectares today; and if we don't act now, the Harapan Rainforest and its amazing wildlife will be gone in five years. This film details the dangers facing the Sumatran rainforest. To learn more, visit

  • The Forests of South East Sulawesi

    Local people have developed a sustainable community-based forestry co-operative. The land was purchased by the community and is farmed for teak. The co-operative is the first in Indonesia to achieve Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for sustainability. This has helped to regulate timber production and secure fair prices. However, this forestry program is under continued threat by Indonesia's endemic corruption.

  • Sam Suds and the case of PVC - The Poison Plastic

    Sam Suds, PI. (Poisons Investigator) protects the Johnson household from dangerous toxins. Word around the bathroom was he was washed up: until she floated in...

  • Sri Lankan Rainforests

    Sri Lanka's national parks are home to some of the planet's most endangered wildlife and plants. But they're under constant threat from logging and agriculture. The key to their survival is carefully managed tourism.

  • Oliver Heath on the Power of Recycling

    Renowned British eco-designer Oliver Heath - former presenter of the TV series Changing Rooms - explores the uses of recycled materials in the home - what can be recycled, how to reuse materials in diy projects, and what sort of products made from recycled goods are available.

Travel Videos


Take an armchair trip to some of the world's most interesting places

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  • 48 hours in and around Le�n

    This gem in Spain's north-west is off the map for many UK visitors - but it's at the heart of one of Spain's most fascinating provinces. Simon Calder works his way through the layers of the city's ancient heritage, then heads to Astorga - a town with 2,000 years of history of its own (as well as a tasty chocolate museum)

  • Twin Track: a trail of Two Train Travellers

    Northern Spain boasts some of Europe's most beautiful railway lines - and one of the greatest luxury trains. The toss of a coin decides whether Ben Ross or Simon Calder will indulge aboard El Cantabrico, while the other takes the budget option. But whatever the outcome, both will get to enjoy the rich heritage, countryside and shorelines of "Green Spain".

  • Simon Calder's Enjoy England

    From Edwardian seaside destination and health resort to cool bohemia, Brighton has always been more than a city by the sea. As Simon Calder discovered when he went to look for some of its hidden gems sent in by users of the Enjoy England website.

  • Simon Calder's 48 Hours in Singapore

    The Independent Traveller spends two eventful days in dazzling Singapore, an extremely diverse and welcoming city with a fascinating history.

  • 48 Hours in Fez with Simon Calder

    Fez is a stunning medieval city, a mere three hours from London by plane. Simon Calder haggles for some beautiful Fez pottery, gets a crash course in Moroccan cuisine and sheds all for a trip to a hammam.

  • The Future of Flying

    Simon Calder looks at the aviation industry's grand designs for dramatically improving the flying experience for passengers.

  • Simon Calder's Guide to the Lake District

    On a scenic journey through the stunning Lake District, Simon Calder enjoys the area's sights, history and culture, from Roman times to the 21st century.

  • Simon Calder's Guide to Bilbao

    A trip around one of Simon Calder's favourite cities. From the Guggenheim to traditonal cod shops, Bilbao is a place with strong sense of the past and the future.

  • Spain's hidden secret

    That sums up Zaragoza, the surprising capital of the beautiful region of Aragon. But this year the secret is out, because this northern Spanish gem is host to Expo 2008. Join Simon Calder as he compresses 48 Hours in Zaragoza into just 15 minutes - distilling the best from a rich past, a spectacular present and an exciting future.

Traveller Audio


Transport yourself in an instant and discover what's new in travel. Available as free downloads from iTunes

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  • Something to Declare: the sound of France

    How do you stay safe and legal on the roads of France? Why are French trains so good? And should you pack a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini to be chic on the beach in St Tropez? This is the programme that gives you the answers. Something to Declare, a 25-minute broadcast-standard programme produced by The Independent in association with P&O Ferries, brings you the Best of France, and is co-presented by Simon Calder beside the beach in Calais and Ben Ross at Languedoc-Roussillon House, which has just opened in London.

  • Ferry easy podcast

    Join Simon Calder in the Bay of Biscay, as he travels from the Spanish city of Bilbao to the UK port of Portsmouth on board P&O Ferries' 38,000 ton ship, 'The Pride of Bilbao'. En route, Simon catches up with his fellow passengers to discover just where they've been and what they've seen on their travels round Spain.

  • Innsbruck's Alpine Inspiration

    In the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck is a skiers' paradise in winter and a great location for hiking and biking in summer. Simon Calder discovers the ‘Golden Roof', used by the Roman emperor Maximilian I to watch events in the town square and takes a tram into the mountains to survey the stunning surroundings.

  • Huatulco: The Real Mexico

    Considered by locals as 'the real Mexico', Huatulco is an ecological paradise on the Pacific coast. Simon Calder samples the fresh papaya and refried beans of local cuisine, attends a ‘boarding’-school for aspiring surfers, and explores the area's magnificent bays and traditional chapels.

  • Jamaica: Beyond the Expected

    Jamaica has something for everyone; Independent traveller Simon Calder takes a terrifying wire-harness tour of the forest, tastes local cuisine at Faith's Pen, and visits 56 Hope Road, better known as Bob Marley's former abode.

  • Walking in Jersey

    From the rock formations of Bouley bay to the capital, St Helier, Simon Calder's walking tour takes in some of Jersey's most pleasant spots as well as the many remnants of the island's occupied past.

  • Lapland's Winter Wonderland

    Simon Calder checks out Santa's ice sculptures, secret grotto and post office. He also finds time to see the city's Arktikum Museum (‘Museum of the Arctic'), and wilderness of Kittil�, perfect for snowmobiles, huskies and reindeer-led sleigh-rides.

  • More to Madeira

    Madeira's striking capital, Funchal, is a whitewashed town built on dark volcanic rock, while the municipal market is an Art Deco masterpiece. Simon Calder enjoys all the beauty as well as the energetic nightlife and the fishing village Câmara de Lobos, meeting the self-proclaimed ‘Cocktail King' of the island along the way.

  • Malta's Marvels

    Go back in time with Simon Calder as he hops on Malta's 1960s buses in the island's capital Valletta, the first planned city in Europe.

  • Marrakech Overload

    Simon lets himself get lost in the winding streets of Morroco's Marrakech, exploring the traditional market places, and marvelling at the architectural wonder of the Koutoubia Mosque tower, before winding down in Yves Saint Laurent's Jardin Marjorelles.

  • Nice: A Day in Provence

    Beginning in the Promenade des Anglais, Simon Calder explores the Matisse Museum and admires the beautiful views of the hills of Provence. He also samples the region's cuisine, trying traditional corn pancakes and dining at the luxurious Aphrodite restaurant, before tasting some locally produced wine.

  • Undiscovered Rotterdam

    Simon Calder finds the occupants of this dynamic city welcoming and friendly and the architecture staggering. Travelling to Delft, he visits the 'old church' where Johannes Vermeer, is buried, before journeying to the Hague to see some of the painter's most famous works in the Dutch Royal art collection.

  • Sharm El Sheikh: Egyptian Playground

    Sharm El-Sheikh's reputation for luxury is borne out by Simon Calder's experience of the Four Seasons resort. After a dazzling snorkelling trip, Simon heads into the desert on a quad-bike, and takes tea at a Bedouin campsite. Crossing the Gulf of Suez, he visits Hurghada, a bustling tourist city with a more authentically Egyptian identity.

  • Singapore: At the Crossroads of the World

    Beginning in the Buddhist 'Temple of the Tooth', Simon Calder experiences Singapore's diverse population. He visits the multi-ethnic Chinatown, before exploring the village of Kampong Glam, getting a fresh view of the city by riverboat, and filling up on worldwide cuisine at Glutton's Bay.

  • Exploring Tenerife

    There are many sides of this tourist hotspot for Simon Calder to discover, from the seventeenth-century building containing Tenerife's history museum, to the Augustan monastery in the quiet town of La Laguna. After walking on the summit of central mountain Teide, Simon visits the manmade beach of Las Teresitas, and the cultural capital, Santa Cruz.

  • Life on the Lonely Planet

    Simon Calder speaks to the founders of the Lonely Planet, Tony and Maureen Wheeler. In a wide-ranging interview they discuss the history of their now ubiquitous travel guides, the controversial Lonely Planet guidebook to Burma, and their thoughts on the future of the travel industry in the face of concerns about its impact on the environment.

  • Sleep on the Cheap

    In this interesting one-off podcast, Simon Calder finds out how the Youth Hostel Association is adapting to a changing travel industry, whilst continuing to offer cheap and cheerful accommodation to its 250,000 members and other budget travellers around the world.

  • Athens: Not As You Knew It

    From the ‘Hotel Periscope’ and the Acropolis, to sandal-buying and wine-shopping, Simon Calder explores the ancient and the modern sides of the spectacular Greek capital. Join our intrepid explorer as he learns to snoop out the hidden delights of the Athens retail experience, marvels at the late-night eating, samples traditional cuisine, and tries to keep up with the nocturnal partying habits of young Athenians.

  • Peru... Land of a thousand marvels

    "Prepare to recalibrate your sense of wonder" that's Simon Calder's advice for when first you experience the New World Wonder that is Machu Picchu. But on a journey of discovery through Peru, from the steamy, soupy Amazon to the austere beauty of the High Andes, Simon shows there is far more to Peru. Meet the locals along the world’s mightiest river; marvel at the mysteries of the Nazca Lines; and take the pulse of Lima, one of the most exciting capitals in the Americas. download here

  • Something to Declare (part 2)

    Something to Declare is the UK's only travel magazine radio programme, presented by Ben Ross and Frances Tuke. The aim is to translate to radio The Independent's long-held values of inspiring, informing and entertaining travellers - with production standards to match the best of the BBC. The programme mixes expert advice from studio guests with reports from travellers and the travel trade across the world.

  • Something to Declare (part 1)

    Ben Ross of The Independent's travel desk presents our new travel magazine programme.

  • Night and Day in Barcelona

    Simon Calder experiences the stunning modern design and Roman roots of the Catalan capital, Barcelona, taking in the art, architecture, food and fashion of a truly 21st century city.


Exclusive short films exploring the confluence of art, science and technology in work and play.

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  • Blind Courage

    As part of the Saab Question Everything Series we follow the extraordinary journey of Dave Heeley. Dave is blind. But he didn't let that spoil his dream of achieving one of the greatest ever feats of marathon-running. A true testament to triumph over adversity.

  • Work. Rest. Play.

    Superstar dj and music producer Mark Ronson and globe trotting Independent Traveller Simon Calder discuss the positive effects technology and the internet have had on their work.

  • Poise: The Surgeon and the Chef

    Surgeon Tim Lloyd and sushi chef Kazutoshi Endo discuss their work, from the art and science of facial deformity surgery to crafting the perfect sushi meal.

  • Poise: The Paraglider and the Surfer

    Bruce Goldsmith, paraglider, and surfer Sam Bleakley explain the joys of their adventurous pursuits.

  • Poise: The Industrial Designer and the Architect

    Michael Rodber, industrial designer on the Eurostar, explains the train's iconic design. Matthew Bedward, architect, discusses his work on the spectacular Farnborough Airport.

  • Work. Relax. Play.

    Record label owner and renowned Radio 1 dj Giles Peterson discusses how technology and the internet have revolutionised his work and listening habits. While property developer, website owner and tv presenter, Sarah Beeney, enthuses on the impact of the internet on her projects.

  • Virgin Galactic

    Virgin Galactic's astronauts and engineers explain their pioneering project to offer suborbital and eventually orbital space travel to members of the general public

Food & Drink


Cookery tips from Mark Hix

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Larry Ellison, watched by skipper Russell Coutts, in action at the RC44 Slam regatta at Malcesine, Lake Garda Play

The latest dispatches from sailing correspondent Stuart Alexander

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Take a front row seat at the shows

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