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Why buy an ECU Advantage laptop?

The key advantages of having a
laptop for your studies are:
  • Wireless network - pre-configured for the University's wireless network offering you a high level of mobility to work anywhere at anytime whilst at ECU
  • Portability - Study anywhere, anytime, when it’s convenient for you
  • Immediacy - Access to resources and information you need when you want them
  • Communication -Stay in touch with other students, lecturers and friends
  • Collaboration - Work together and share information easily and instantly.
As a student having a laptop to use as part of your academic career can provide you with substantial benefits. During 2004, ECU undertook a pilot program to see just how the use of laptops in a connected environment can benefit students. These are just some of the comments from students who participated in the pilot program:

I am able to work on any university assignment outside of the home which enables more time to spend on these assignments which in turn have lead to an increase in my marks for this semester.

The wireless network enabled me to work on my university work around the campus such as in the library and even in my tutorial rooms. This in turn saved time and I was able to do a much higher workload than last semester when I did not have a laptop.

Owning a laptop for use throughout your studies opens a world of opportunities for improving the way you work. Not only can you use your laptop to take notes in class, type essays and projects, you can also use it to access the vast array of electronic resources available through the Library and online. Your laptop is also a perfect communication tool allowing you to access your student email, and communicate with lecturers and fellow students through instant messaging, discussion forums and other tools.