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Starring : Patrick Stewart
Written by : Warren Ellis
Directed by :
Based On : Transmetropolitan (comic book)
Created by : Warren Ellis

View the trailer: Unavailable

Released by :Unknown
ETA: Unknown
Development Status
Development Hell

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Latest updates

Monday 9th February 2003: Transmetropolitan Update:
Artist Darick Robertson has revealed that although they offered the rights to Transmetropolitan for a reasonable figure that Patrick Stewart's Production Company Flying Freehold Productions have not (as yet) picked them up.

Tuesday 21st January 2003: Transmetropolitan Update:
Creator Warren Ellis has went on record about the rumour yesterday of a Transmetropolitan movie "Patrick Stewart has apparently said, in a dozen places, that he still wants to make a TRANSMET film. This does not mean one is in production, nor that anyone's actively working to develop it right now. I think Patrick's brilliant. I think he'd make an excellent Spider Jerusalem. Providing Darick was amenable, and I can't imagine he wouldn't be, we'd go and make a film with Patrick and Wendy Stewart in a second. But right now, nothing's happening. Patrick and I haven't spoken in a while -- he did the last TREK film and X-MEN 2 back-to-back -- and I haven't caught up with Wendy in a little while now. When we do talk, we talk TRANSMET. There were overtures made to Darick and I by a director about a year ago, and I kept Patrick and Wendy updated whenever anything happened -- it came to nothing, as you can tell. Hollywood's built on talk. It's no big deal. Before that, we all tried to set up TRANSMET as a web animation with rich media around it, as a stepping stone to a movie, but the company involved tried to screw us all, and that was that. What Patrick is saying is that he still wants to make the film. He knows I'm right there with him. We see things the same way. Patrick publicly attaching himself to the project doesn't hurt. But right now, nothing's happening".

Monday 20th January 2003: Transmetropolitan Update:
Word reaches us that Patrick Stewart is hard at work on developing Transmetropolitan for the big screen "I'm sitting here looking at a collection of Transmetropolitan comic books as I speak. I think it's a brilliant piece of work. Transmetropolitan is mature and funny and savage and critical. I've admired it for a number of years. I think it's an outstanding piece of work. My company has been working with Mr. Warren Ellis for some time in connection with the adaptation". It is expected that he will star in and produce the movie.

Transmetropolitan is a comic book created by Warren Ellis featuring as its main character one Spider Jerusalem. I haven't read the comic myself, but Warren Ellis has garnered quite a fan base over these last few years who have been known to be quite obsessive about his work. Here's what we know about a movie so far, and most of it comes straight from the creator's own mouth.

Anyway word first broke out about a rumoured Transmetropolitan movie from Ellis himself from his own website, this is what he had to say "I'm halfway through a Transmetropolitan screenplay that...sticks to the book like glue -- it's Back On The Street with scenes from #4 interpolated into it in order to get Channon into the story much earlier"

Back On The Street is the first three issues of the comic collected together into a trade paperback. Channon is a character introduced in issue four apparently. Now with this news breaking out Ellis was swamped with emails from his fans wanting more info so he replied to that with "In an attempt to shut down the flow of email from the other Most Asked Question I receive; no, I still haven't finished the TRANSMET screenplay: yes, we are now actively pursuing a film deal; yes, I have personally been in talks with famous people; no, I'm not saying one more damn thing about it. My Hollywood agency representation has recently changed, in that my rep JC Spink, in leaving Zide Entertainment, took me with him. I'm now represented by JC Spink of Bender-Spink."

That was all that was heard for a while until he opened his mouth on his site again "There are, once again, plans afoot to develop TRANSMET for other media in ways that would not see it reduced to a PG or prime-time dilution, and an agreement to collaboration has been signed with a famous and well-respected actor. But I've been asked to say nothing more at this time. Watch this space."

Word after that was that Patrick Stewart was going to voice an animated series of Transmetropolitan for Sony Digital, which does sort of explain Ellis's other media rant. Ellis was thought to be attached to the series as the writer and als producing.

Rumours then circulated that Robin Williams was going to play Spider Jerusalem in a live action adaptation of Transmetropolitan. He debunked those rumours though.

And that is all we have heard so far, but from the way things have went so far, I'm sure Warren Ellis will be the first to say!

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Transmetropolitan & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.


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