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GlenGRO Landcare Group is a 2006 amalgamation of the Glen Morrison Landcare Group and the Gloucester Road Oorandumby (GRO) Landcare Group.

Glen Morrison Landcare 

The Glen Morrison LCG was formed in 1997. It is the most southern landcare group associated with Southern New England Landcare, located between 18 and 38 km south of Walcha. From a very small membership base of four members, the group grew to 10 members plus spouses with interest and commitment picking up. Members covered the Glen Morrison and St Leonards Creek areas.

The majority of the area is around 1,200 m above sea level, containing the head waters of the St Leonards Creek, Cobrabald River, Inglba Creek, Three Mile Creek and Smith Creek all in the Namoi catchment. The land is undulating to steep with mainly basalt and traprock (meta-sedimentary) soils. There are significant areas of pastures containing introduced species and the remaining native pastures have been fertilised over many years. Vegetation in many areas is adequate with need for protection to ensure its survival. Some areas have been cleared in the past and need to be revegetated and linked to the existing remnants.

Rainfall = varies between 36 to 50 inches per year depending on location

Land uses: Wool, beef and sheep meats.

Interests and concerns

  1. Develop a sustainable environment for landholders involving animals and plants

  2. Take advantage of the lessons learnt by older settled districts and utilise them to correct problems before degradation becomes widespread. In this way, effort and money spent in this environment will have a big impact.

Projects and events

  1. We assist the Walcha Central School landcare group with water testing for the Dung Beetle project. The students sampled and monitored Cobrabold River and Inglba Creek with their Stream Watch Kits, and will take further samples over time to see if the dung beetles make an impact on water quality.

  2. Water testing at Cobrabold River and Inglba Creek prior to release of Dung Beetles - will follow up with further water samples/tests to determine effects of dung beetles on water quality.

  3. Acid soils - monitoring of soil, pasture and livestock performance on pastures where the owners had previously applied lime.

  4. Several field days on revegetation planting, species selection and site preparation.

  5. Co-ordinated Fox Baiting Program every year.

  6. 1st Regeneration and Catchment Planning Project - completed.

  7. 2nd Regeneration Project underway

  8. Dung Beetle Project

GRO Landcare

If any members of the old GRO Group have any information they would like to contribute, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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