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While every attempt has been made to ensure this transcript or summary is accurate, Special Assignment or its agents cannot be held liable for any claims arising out of inaccuracies caused by human error or electronic fault. This transcript was typed from a transcription recording unit and not from an original script, so due to the possibility of mishearing and the difficulty, in some cases, of identifying individual speakers, errors cannot be ruled out.


INTRO: Last week South Africa commemorated Child Protection week. But the phrase child protection has become a contradiction in terms especially when it comes to sexual abuse of children. Daily young boys – living on the streets are being sexually abused by men who present a respectable veneer to society. The boys are silenced by a sense of shame and by cynical adults who choose to avert their eyes.


UPS: -VOICER - For a street child in Cape Town, the city is a place of potential pleasures and unspeakable perils.

UPS: - RYAN DALTON; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - Every single night in the streets of Cape Town a child is being picked up by a paedophile every night. It happens every single night. Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday night it happens a lot.

UPS: -VOICER - In 2006 Special Assignment teamed up with child rights activist and hip hop artist Ryan Dalton to expose sexual predators in Cape Town.

UPS: - RYAN DALTON; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - You have actually the paedophiles ideal situation in a sense that you have children that are literally on the streets 24 hours a day along with that because of street life there is this need and desire for money the kid is more willing in that situation maybe than other situation they go with someone and do something for money.

UPS: -VOICER - Cape Town has become a red light district for sex tourists. But alongside the city’s burgeoning sexual freedom are horrifying rape statistics. And underage boys are increasingly becoming victims.

UPS: - SAMANTHA WATERHOUSE; ADVOCACY MANAGER RAPCAN - Research suggesting that it is around one and three girl children have some experience of sexual abuse, research on boys is saying one to five boys one and six boys and I’ve seen one report that pins it at just under one in three boys.

UPS: - RYAN DALTON; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - The kids themselves do not speak about it because it is this unspoken thing that is happening on the street.

UPS: -VOICER - But there are street kids who have spoken out. And one of the few adults who listened is Linda Ambor who used to run an NGO for street kids called One Love. In 2006 they confided in her about one offender in particular, they graphically described a sickening pattern of abuse.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I can easily fifteen children have come forward they explained the same modus operandi the children do not know one another but they can explain same house they can lead you to the house. And nobody has done anything yet to apprehend this man.

UPS: - “DAVID” - I was sitting by Steers. It was 11h00. Then I saw a green car it drove towards me and hooted. I thought maybe he would give me food.

UPS: -VOICER - In the car were a man and an underage male sex worker Two years later we met the latter on the beachfront. His account of the crime was identical to the young boy we had interviewed in 2006.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – He called me and then I went to him and he said no come on are you looking for fun for business. I said yes. He said no come in and he said he wanted a small boy. He is driving a green Renault Megane. From then we drove we went to Strand street and then we met a young boy. He spoke to the boy and then that night it was so cold and the boy was wearing a blanket

UPS: - “DAVID” – he said come get in the car. And he said I must sit down. People must not see me.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – he told me to hide the boy in the car. And hen we drove to Claremont.

UPS: - “DAVID” – then I look up. I’m in Claremont. I know Claremont. I scurrelled there

UPS: - “ROBERT” – he asked me and the boy to get undressed and then from then he said must take a shower with the boy

UPS: - “DAVID” – and then he said I must masturbate him. And I masturbated him.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – after we finished our shower he said the boy must suck his dick, penis. The boy wasn’t happy to do that but the situation made the boy to do that because there was no way. I think the boy was so scared like he was so scared.

UPS: - “DAVID” – and the man go the same computer like that you see he got the computer on that computer the box you see like that one only a white one

UPS: -VOICER - You know what is called? It is called a hard drive

UPS: - “DAVID” – yes. And then the man said to me look here look here I got something on the computer. Then the man showed me all the stuff. The people were masturbating. I did not see faces only bodies

UPS: - “ROBERT” – after that he said I must fuck the boy

UPS: -VOICER - What did you say to him?

UPS: - “ROBERT” – I said no I can’t fuck the boy as you can see he is young and what we are doing is wrong. But he said I will give you money.

UPS: - “DAVID” – Robert said to the man I cannot do this. This is a small child.  Then the man said do not worry you can do it big guys or small guys I do not worry.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – as I was sixteen I did it because of money but after that I felt I was wrong. I did something wrong because that boy was like on his early twelve, thirteen. He looked like he was on his early ten like eleven years old. He looked like my young brother so I felt sorry after I did it.

UPS: - “DAVID” – I said open the gate. I want to go. I can walk back to Cape Town. But the man did not want to.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – After we finished he said we must get dressed and then he would go infact he wanted to drop us in Claremont but it was after midday and there was no taxis and then I told him that there is no taxis he must drop us in town. And then he drove us to town and then he dropped the boy in parade. He forced he boy to go out his car and threw thirty rand.

UPS: - “DAVID” – and then I forgot my blankets in the car. I got only two blankets and I forgot all two. I got fast out of the car. Maybe the cops could catch him.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – He gave me R280 he said I must see him the next week.


UPS: -VOICER - In the last two years many young street boys have spoken out about the same man. They describe his modus operandi, his car. Individually they have even directed us to his house and we are prevented to from showing you where he lives they also made statements to the police.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - It is the third time now I reported it to the authorities. He is a serial abuser the street children as far apart as Cape Town., Seapoint, Wyneberg that are all been abused by this man.

UPS: -VOICER - And in the interim what became of one of the young street kid who spoke so courageously on-camera?

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I’ve seen him change while he’s been on the streets. He is gradually becoming more sexually active and I think that once a child becomes sexually abused he will act out sexually. Unless he receives therapy from early on. It is not their fault and they need to realise that they are not responsible the onuses is on the adult. The adult that solicits the child.

UPS: - SAMANTHA WATERHOUSE; ADVOCACY MANAGER RAPCAN – we cry out when a child is murdered we absolutely cry out when a child is chained to a tree. We stand up and march when children go missing but we do nothing. We really do take an absolute tolerance approach towards this it is compounded by the kind of people that most sexual abusers are.

UPS: -VOICER - So what kind of man sexually abuses underage boys? Is he an elder accountant like Ben Emmerson who in 2000 was sentenced to six years for molesting scores of street kids? Is he a coach, a care-giver, a preacher, a teacher or a university professor?

UPS: - “PETER”; CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE – There is commonality but there is also a difference between each and one of us. The different thing that motivates us the different reasons why we do things

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME - The sex offender is a sex offender before they act out their violence. They already got the intent they already established some modus operandi. They already played out and lived through the offence in the world of fantasy

UPS: - SAMANTHA WATERHOUSE; ADVOCACY MANAGER RAPCAN - They generally work very hard at grooming their intended victim and that means grooming not only on the material level so giving the child things and also grooming on the emotional level. The child abuser is not going to target a self confident well functioning child who comes from a family that contains and cares for that child or engages with that child regularly. They will look for that child that is more vulnerable to manipulation a child that is more need and certainly less likely to be believed is they speak out.

UPS: - “PETER”; CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE – I was asked to go into a boys home on a voluntarily bases. I was working full time. They needed extra stuff at that particular point I said there is no ways I want to touch these boys sexually and the first two years I managed to keep that way. But then slowly it was back again to molesting and once it started it rollercoaster.

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME - Yes there is compulsivity yes repetitiveness and a sex offender is not going to give up his addiction to hurting vulnerable others without a fight

UPS: - “PETER”; CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE – I found it very easy to get on with children I found children got very easy with me. There is a I cannot explain it.

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME – sex offenders paedophiles they will tell you that I love kids. Of course they do they will tell you children warm up to me of course children warm up to them because they have this one part of them that is an expert in engaging the child engaging the community engaging the parent.

UPS: - “PETER”; CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE – Then there will be a touch here touch there progressing onwards from there and if the boy showed you that he was not interested or did not like it or he is uncomfortable then I would back off. But if I felt he was enjoying it or then I used to continue and it used to developed with most of the boys with something at that time was a mutual relationship.

UPS: - SAMANTHA WATERHOUSE; ADVOCACY MANAGER RAPCAN –there is a physiological response their bodies respond to the sexual stimulus and the result of that as we know with boys you cannot hide it. The result is the abuser says to a child you see you like this and that actually exacerbates it. Exacerbates the self hate the sense of betrayal of self the sense that your body has betrayed your soul or your psyche these are big words but when you are a kid you are just confused.

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME – In order to be okay with what they do in order to make it okay to continue with the behaviour offenders often say the victim did not protest they did not reject me my advances were not harmful so they construct the whole range of cognitive distortions. Victims often have one thing in common in the eye of the offender that is vulnerability. So the offender will perceive this child’s silence as engagement the child coming back there the offender will see that a san invitation to continue with the sexual brutality.

UPS: - “PETER”; CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE – When you molest you have no idea how is going to affect that particular person in later life

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME – Many of the offenders us very sophisticated seduction to entrap the victims and that is probably one of the most damaging strategies it shifts the focus the victim or the survivor ends up with all the guilt and the humiliation and the shame and they are unable to separate who they are from that.


UPS: -VOICER - The man accused of sexually abusing underage street boys is a multi- award-winning world-acclaimed pianist. He was born in Britain but has been an Associate Professor of Music at UCT since 1990. Even the New York Times has given him rave reviews. His name is Professor Graham Fitch. But on the streets he is allegedly known by other names.

UPS: - “ROBERT” – Sometimes he calls himself William sometimes he calls himself Spunky, Arthur, Michael sometimes John

UPS: -VOICER - And while he mixes with the cream of cultured society by day, by night his street associates allegedly belong to society’s underbelly.

UPS: -      PAUL - We do know him so the Nigerians. They know his car they know him by his walk or whatever. I know him from far

UPS: - LUKE LAMPRECHT; CEO: TEDDY BEAR CLINIC - There is a complete split an awareness of both sides of the classical pianist and the underworld. And there has been no integration between the two is leading two completely separate lives and the ability to hold those two in tact.

UPS: -VOICER - What does he drive?

UPS: - “PETER” - The green Renault Megane.

UPS: -VOICER - Several of the kids took down his number plate. It is CA479 660 After he was allegedly spotted in Long Street picking up boys a Cape Town security company traced the number plate back to UCT.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - And the children have given me his registration which I taken to somebody in Scorpions they traced that as well and they traced that to UCT.

UPS: -VOICER - Since 2006 he has been under investigation, first by the Scorpions, then by the Child Protection and Sexual Offences Police Unit and not only does he allegedly uses rent boys as pimps he allegedly picks up street kids drives them to an unknown destination where he allegedly sexually assaults them.

UPS: - “PETER” - He asked me if I wanted to rive with him to buy something to eat. As we were driving he locked the door. He drove to a place I did not know. It was just bushes. Then he said to me he took my hand and said he wanted to abuse me. He asked how much I charge. I was scared. I thought he would kill me.

UPS: -VOICER - He is also allegedly a drug addict who has allegedly bribed his alleged pimps and plied his alleged victims with narcotics.

UPS: - “PETER” – a kind of powder that they sniff. The powder is in a bag. And he throws it into a piece of foil. He makes lines, then he sniffs it.

UPS: - “PAUL” – He came to me and said I must organise him a new face a youngster. I ran around looking for someone and I saw…. I asked if he could go with this guy who is going pay you. I took ..to him and …this is Spunk and Spunk this is ….Spunk gave me two hundred rand and six rocks six pieces of crack

UPS: - “SIMON” – When you take something you must make sure and your penis stands up

UPS: - LUKE LAMPRECHT; CEO: TEDDY BEAR CLINIC – these children were used purely to meet the sexual needs of this particular individual and then he discarded them so a complete dehumanisation and objectification of people to meet his own needs in a very risky way.

UPS: -VOICER – so why haven’t the police arrested this man who allegedly treats children as cheap disposable sex toys.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I had somebody that actually said to me that I reported to me that said to me well how can you believe the glue cop compared to the UCT professor.

UPS: - SAMANTHA WATERHOUSE; ADVOCACY MANAGER RAPCAN – there is so much research to show that children do not lie more often than adults do. Then when there are lies about sexual abuse it is a very, very small like two odd percent of cases reported that are fabricated cases.

UPS: - RYAN DALTON; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - The reasons these cases are far …….  Is the fact that most of the time the answer we gotten is we have bigger fish to fry.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I think sexual offence unit has been cut back I think maybe they do not have the resources they keep giving you that story. Perhaps street children are not a high priority.

UPS: -VOICER - We requested permission to interview the investigating officers, but our request was denied. We also contacted UCT authorities who are aware that he has been under investigation for two years. But they said their hands were tied. So Linda Ambor and I decided to confront Prof Fitch ourselves. Two male sex workers who had allegedly been recruited as his pimps offered to accompany us, to help jog his memory. We set up an interview under the pretext of publicising his musical prowess. Our cameraman was well out of sight.

UPS: -VOICER – Graham there’s been a development.

UPS:  - PROF GRAHAM FITCH - what is happening?

UPS: -VOICER – I just got a call from the SABC apparently you’ve been investigated with something to do with children.

UPS:  - PROF GRAHAM FITCH - What? No, no, no,

UPS: -VOICER – Linda is actually a child rights activists.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I heard a lot about you the last two years and a lot of the young men seem to know you quite well where you live.

UPS:  - PROF GRAHAM FITCH - What is this got to do with our interview?

UPS: -VOICER – well it has nothing to do with our interview but now everything depends on what you actually say now. Because there is no way I could do anything if there is something against you.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - Can I just ask you if you recognise any these people.

UPS:  - PROF GRAHAM FITCH - No this interview is making me uncomfortable.

UPS: - LINDA AMBOR; CHILD RIGHTS ACTIVIST - Where are those boys? Go find him.

UPS: -VOICER - The two rent boys quickly pursuit him and caught up with him. They tried to persuade him to return to us and answer the allegations. But as swift as his finger-work on piano is, on foot he was even faster. And as he hastily pulled out of his UCT parking space, we saw that he was driving a green Renault Megane with the number plate CA479 660, just as the children had said. The day before broadcast we were contacted by the Professor’s lawyers. We sent them a copy of the story tape and script. They responded by denying the allegations, they accused us of unlawful conduct acts, scandalous journalism and are threatening to sue us for defamation. Subsequently we found yet another of the professor’s alleged victims who was allegedly abused by him just weeks before. But the tiny twelve-year old was too traumatised to be interviewed.

UPS: - DR MARCEL LONDT; C.A.T.T.S SEX OFFENDER PROGRAMME - I think it is very difficult for boy children to ask for help as the society we still favour the camel man and boys do not cry we do not encourage boys to express their feelings so I think the more men start reaching out and also healthy men reaching out to ones who have been hurt. THERE IS HOPE.


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