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Digital switchover information for consumers

Please note: there are some links on this and associated pages that may go to external websites for which the Department is not responsible.

The Australian Government has announced that all free-to-air television broadcasters in Australia will complete the conversion from analog transmission to digital transmission by the end of 2013.

This move—referred to as ‘digital switchover'—will provide the benefits of improved picture and sound quality and greater program choice.

For viewers, this will require a number of changes to the way in which television broadcasts are received—including obtaining new equipment to receive the digital signals.

For retailers, this will require understanding the changes to the technology to better advise customers on the available options.

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is working closely with the broadcasting industry, the retail sector and other parties to ensure the smooth transition to digital-only televisions broadcasts and that viewers enjoy the associated benefits.

The resources and links provided here offer the latest information on the digital switchover and how to obtain digital television services.

Digital Switchover Taskforce

The Digital Switchover Taskforce within the Department is responsible for coordinating and overseeing Australia's transition to digital from analog television.

Its objectives are to:

  • Advise Government on policy settings, implementation and issues connected with digital switchover
  • Develop and implement a program framework, including a switchover timetable, to complete the switchover from analog to digital television transmission in Australia by the end of 2013
  • Manage an information and education program explaining the switchover process to all Australians setting out what they will need to do and how to get further information
  • Convene meetings of an Industry Advisory Group consisting of stakeholders, including broadcasters, retailers, manufacturers, antenna technicians and public and commercial housing agencies, government departments; and coordinate these stakeholders to utilise their expertise in delivering switchover by the end of 2013

News on the digital switchover
Find the latest announcements and links to related documents from the Australian Government, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, television broadcasters and others.

Frequently asked questions about digital television
Find answers to questions about digital television, installation and reception of digital television.

Glossary of terms
Explanation of the terms used in describing digital television.

Information on other websites
Links to relevant web pages provided by television broadcasters and others involved in the digital switchover.

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