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The Artists
The Nangara collection has paintings from more than 170 artists. The collection showcases “the Masters” Emily, Rover and Clifford Possum but no less important it represents a full range of exceptional artists.

The Nangara collection spans more than three decades of the Central and Western Desert art movement and continues to collect from, and discover new talent.

“That’s what I paint: whole lot...”

Emily Kame Kngwarreye
Emily Kame Kngwarreye (c1910 - 1996)

The beauty and strength of Emily’s work has given her a special status and she is now regarded as one of Australia’s greatest artists.

Between NANGARA and the associated EMILY MUSEUM collections there are more than 200 of her paintings covering every part of her diverse oeuvre available as a solo exhibition or as part of a group. Five were included in the retrospective “Emily Kame Kngwarreye alhalkere paintings from utopia” that toured the four major state galleries from February 1998 to April 1999.

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Rover Thomas Joolama (c1925 – 1996)
Like Emily, Rover has attained “star” status, both artists representing Australia at the Venice Biennale. Choose from seventeen rare early Rovers of earth pigment on board, in addition to related works from artists also originating from the Kimberley region known for its bold colour field style of art.

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Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (c1932 – 2002)
Arguably the most famous male Central Desert artist he has dominated the Aboriginal art scene from the beginning in 1971 until his death in 2002. Hailed variously as the founder and the Picasso he was the master of the Central Desert storytelling group of traditional initiated men.

Immensely complicated interwoven stories emerged on huge canvases commissioned during the 70’s. His first painting, 'Love Story', 1971, a small acrylic on board and his immense 'Warlugulong' 1977 also known as the “night watch” of Aboriginal art are an integral part of the Nangara collection.

These and a dozen others are the cornerstones of the Central and Western Desert art movement.

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Full Alphabetical listing of Artists represented in NANGARA

Abie Jangala
Adrian Tjupurrula
Ally Kemarre
Anatjari Tjampitjinpa
Angelina Pwerle
Annett Patrick
Ashley Ooomagoombah
Barbara Weir
Barney Daniels Tjungurrayi
Benny Tjapaltjarri
Biddy Rockman Napaljari
Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri
Big David Oldfield Jupurrurla
Billy Nolan Tjapangati
Boxner Milner Tjampitjin
Brandy Tjungurrayai
Bye Bye Napangati
Carol Kngwarreye
Cassidy Stockman Tjapaltjarri
Charlie Eaglie Tjapaltjarri
Charlie Tarawa Tjungurrayi
Charlie Watuma Tjungurrayi
Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri
Colin Dixon Tjapanangka
Cowboy Louie Pwerle
Daisy Jugadai Napaltjarri
David Corby Tjapaltjarri
David Ross Pwerle
Denis Warangkula Tjakamarra
Dini Campbel Tjampitjinpa
Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa
Dolly Daniels Nampitjinpa
Dominic Martin Tjupurrula
Don Tjungarrayi
Dorothy Napangardi Robinson
Douglas Pultara
Emily Kame Kngwarreye
Eunice Napangardi
Freddie Timms
Fred Ward Tjungarrayi
Freddy West Tjakamarra
Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi
George Bush Tjangala
George Mung Mung (Jampin)
George Tjapaltarri, (‘Dr George’)
George Tjungarrayi
George Yapa Tjangala
Ginger Riley Munduwalawala
Gladys Kemarre
Gloria Ngarla
Gloria Petyarre
Glory Ngale
Greeny Purvis Petyerre
Heather Umbagai (Anjolu)
Naata Nungurrayi
Jack Britten Joolama
Jack Kunti Kunti Tjampitjinpa
Janet Forrester Nangala

Jean Nampitjinpa Hudson
Jeannie Egan Nungarrayi
Jimmy Pike
Jimmy Tjampitjinpa Robertson
Joe Ross Pwerle
John John Bennett Tjapangati
John Mosquito Tjapangati
John Tjakamarra
John Tjapaltarri
Johnny Scobie Tjapanangka
Johnny Skinner
Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula
Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula
Jonathon Kumuntjara Brown
Joseph Jurra Tjapaltjarri
Josie Petrick
Kaapa Tjampitjinpa
Kanya Tjapangati
Kathleen Padoon Napanangka
Kathleen Petyarre
Kayi Kayi Nampitjinpa
Keith Kaapa
Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa
Kuddtji Kngwarreye
Liddy Walker Napanangka
Lily Karedada
Lin Onus
Lyndsay Bird Mpetyane
Long Jack Phillipus Tjakamarra
Long Tom Tjapanangka
Lorna Napurrula Fencer
Louis Pwerle
Madigan Thomas Nyawoorroo
Makinti Napanangka
Malcolm Jagamara Maloney
Margaret Petyarre
Mary Dixon Nungurrayi
Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa
Maxie Tjampitjinpa
May Pwerle
Michael Aspinall
Michael Nelson Tjakamarra
Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri
Mingi May Barnes
Minnie Pwerle
Mitjili Napurrula
Motorcar Jim
Myrtle Petyarre
Nancy Campbell Napanangka
Nancy Kunoth Petyarre
Nancy Napanangka
Nancy Ross Nungurrayi
Narpula Scobie Napurrula
Ningurayi Napurrula
Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa
Old Maggie Watson Napangardi
Old Mick Tjakamarra
Old Paddy Padoon
Old Tutuma Tjapangati

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa
Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi
Paddy Fordham Wainburranga
Paddy Jaminji Jampin
Paddy Sims Japaltjarri
Paddy Stewart Japaljarri
Pansy Napangati
Patrick Olodoodi Tjungurrayi
Patsy Anguburra
Pegleg Tjampitjinpa
Phillip Gudthykudthay
Pinta Pinta Tjapanangka
Polly Watson Napangardi
Queenie McKenzie Nakarra
Ray James Tjangala
Richard Tax Tjupurrula
Riley Major Tjangala
Ronnie Tjampitjinpa
Rosebud Kngwarreye
Rosemary Petyarre
Rosie Karedada
Rover Thomas Joolama
Sammy Rubunja
Sandy Hunter
Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi
Sunfly Tjampitjin
Susie Bootja Bootja Napaltjarri
Tatali Nangala
Teddy Briscoe Mjnba Jampijinpa
Teresa Pwerle
Thomas Tjapaltjarri
Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri
Timmy Payungka Tjapangati
Tjumpo Tjapanangka
Tjunkiya Napaltjarri
Tommy Skeen
Tony Tjakamarra
Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula
Tutuma Tjapangati
Two Bob Tjungarrayi
Uta Uta Tjangala
Walala Tjapaltjarri
Walangkura Napanangka
Wallaby Moss
Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri
Wendy Mbetyane
Wenton Rubuntja
William Sandy
Willie Gudipi
Willy Tjungurrayi
Wintjiya Napaltjarri
Yakulti Napangati
Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungarrayi
Yalti Napangati
Yinarupa Nangala
Yumpululu Tjungarrayi
Yuyua Nampitjinpa
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