MorphOS - the end of an era

Since july 2003, Genesi started to not pay their bills. They told it was a temporary problem and payments were on their way. They did so for months, while people kept working. They claimed many times to have issued payments. Those never arrived.

At least the following persons related with MorphOS development are unpaid:

By popular request, here's a list of unpaid people not directly related with MorphOS development itself:

Contrary to FUD being spread around, all the people on these lists explicitely asked being put here or were asked prior to being put here.

Want to know what is Genesi doing these days? Use google to find out.


2004-11-15: this page online
2004-11-17: Genesi is setting up a fake website claiming they own MorphOS. By doing so, they infringes on our copyright. Any version of MorphOS distributed with a new Pegasos is illegal since our contracts have not been honoured. Licenses are withdrawn
2004-11-21: Genesi is making statements on web forums implying those above amounts contain "idle time". This is untrue. Only actual work is charged
2004-11-24: a payment plan with a MorphOS 1.5 release date of 2005-01-31 was offered to Genesi who rejected it with empty threats
2004-11-29: added another list
2004-11-30: although bbrv claims on various web forums they're doing their best to solve the problem, what they really do is this (received on IRC yesterday)
2004-12-01: added more people to the list and another threat from bbrv to Jens Schoenfeld
2004-12-31: the MorphOS team wishes you a happy new year, hopefully 2005 is better than 2003/2004
2005-01-19: added more people to the list
2005-05-16: added more people to the list
2005-07-21: added google ads & search box
2005-10-20: Treveur Bretaudiere won his trial against Thendic-France