Stop violence against women

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Violence against women is the most widespread human rights abuse in the world. Every day, thousands of women and girls are abused in their own homes. They are raped in armed conflict or murdered by their families. They are attacked for speaking out, for defending womens' rights.

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National Plan of Action report released

  • Published on 17/07/2008

Amnesty International has released a report that could provide a blueprint for an Australian National Plan of Action to eliminate violence against women. Drawing on international experience, the report frames a good practice human rights approach to the national plan.

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Australian mothers deserve equality

  • Published on 9/05/2008

The human rights of mothers in Australia are not being properly respected. International Human Rights conventions require governments to take special measures to eliminate discrimination and respect the rights of mothers.

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© Stuart Freedman

End violence against schoolgirls

  • Published on 6/03/2008

Education is a crucial step in empowering women to make choices. It is crucial to breaking cycles of poverty, violence and disease. Education is a human right and, therefore, every girl's right. However, 100 years since the first anniversary of International Women’s Day, and 60 years since human rights were enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, girls across the world still face many barriers to education.

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United Nations

UN Secretary-General launches campaign to end violence against women

  • Published on 28/02/2008

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has launched a campaign to end violence against women and girls. It will aim to secure political will and increase resources to galvanise world public opinion to ensure action by policy makers at the highest level. The campaign also hopes to engage male leaders and mobilise men and boys.

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© Arash Ashoorinia,

Authorities must support women human rights defenders in Iran

  • Published on 27/02/2008

The Iranian authorities should cease their harassment of women human rights defenders and take urgent steps to dismantle the discriminatory legislation they are seeking to change.

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One in three Australian women have
experienced sexual violence

Rape case highlights need to reform handling of sexual abuse cases

  • Published on 14/12/2007

We are outraged at the failure of the Australian legal system to ensure justice and adequate protection for a girl gang raped by nine men. The case sends a message of support for discredited attitudes towards women and girls and creates an environment in which the victim is on trial - not the defendants.

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Act now

Comfort Women: Waiting for justice after 62 years

  • Published on 18/07/2008

The Government of the Philipines is considering joining countries such as the US, Netherlands, Canada and European Parliament, in passing a resolution calling on the the Japanese government to accept responsibility and apologise for the human rights violations committed against 'comfort women' who were forced into a system of military sexual slavery during WWII. Show your support for the Philippines to be the next country to pass a resolution calling for Justice for the Comfort Women.

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