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ARRIVAL OF THE WASHINGTON Natal Witness July 18 1849

The Washington, 303 tons, commanded by Captain WESTLAKE, sailed from London with 76 emigrants, as well as John MORELAND, Byrne's agent, and arrived at Natal on 17 July 1849.

MORELAND'S diary of the voyage gives a revealing account of shipboard incidents and experiences, and the often dramatic effects produced by a variety of personalities living in cramped conditions.

The Natal Witness printed the Washington's passenger list twice, due to errors in the first list. Both formats are reproduced here, because the settlers' stated occupations are omitted in the second list.


Dr Selwood, surgeon to the Emigrants; Mrs Selwood, Mr Hy. Selwood, Charlotte Selwood
John Morland, Esq., civil engineer and agent to the Emigrants;
H Morland, W Morland,
Hughbert Baker, Esq. civil engineer and land surveyor

Everd Few, upholsterer
Mrs Few
J Anstee
Emma Anstee
Mary Ann Anstee
HM Anstee
HR Thompson, concologist
Alfred Tucker, Esq.
JG West
(8) Holgates, earthernware dealers
A Scourge, and 6 others, ship carpenters
J Simons, joiner
Mrs Simons
J Simons, jun.
John Wade, farm servant
Mrs Wade
Miss Wade
John Ross, gunsmith
Mary Ann Ross
John Ross, jun., died on passage
William Harvey, bricklayer
(2) Miss Harvey
John Galley, mechanic
Mrs Galley
Miss Galley
Thos Holden, managing chemist
C Green, warehouseman
J McFarlin, accountant
H Taylor, mechanic
J Taylor, cabinetmaker
J Sanderson, publican
J Harley, plasterer
J Wright, spirit merchant
J Davis, upholsterer
W Bryant, plumber, etc.
JO Francis, merchant
G Flay, servant
J McDonald, blacksmith
Capt Morgan, mariner
T Broughton, attorney
F Williams, cooper
Wm Penny, contractor
G Garnett, farmer


Jessie Smith
Gem, W Glendinning, to sail for Table Bay on Sunday or Monday next.
The Emigrant ship Washington.

The Sarah Bell, Capt Richardson
The Rosebud, Capt Murison, hourly from Table Bay.
The Douglas, Capt Smerdon, ditto.
Several Emigrant ships are also expected to arrive shortly.

Owing to several errors in the names as formerly published, Mr Moreland has kindly furnished us with:


HS Selwood, Surgeon
J Moreland, Immigration Agent, etc.

Anstey, Jno
Anstey, Sarah
Anstey, Emma
Anstey, Anne
Anstey, Sarah
Anstey, MA
Baker, Hughbert
Baker, Amelia
Breary, Thomas
Broughton, Richard
Bryant, WR
Davis, Thomas
Few, Edward
Few, Elizabeth
Flay, Ephraim
Foote, H
Francis, James O
Galley, Thomas
Galley, Mary
Garnet, Robert
Green, Chas
Harvey, Wm Fredk
Harvey, Ellen
Harvey, Eliza H
Harvey, Wm G
Harley, John
Harley, Grace
Holden, Joseph
Holgate, George R
Holgate, Harriet
Holgate, George
Holgate, William
Holgate, John
Holgate, Edward
Holgate, Catherine
Holgate, Laura
Inman, Emma
Inman, Emma, jun.
Inman, Thomas
Inman, Alfred
Leeming, Robert
MacFarlane, Thomas
McDonald, Donald
Moreland, Horatio
Moreland, William
Morgan, Edw L
Penny, William
Ross, Edw
Ross, Margaret
Ross, Margaret, jun.
Selwood, Mrs
Selwood, Henry
Selwood, Charlotte
Sanderson, William
Scorgie, Alexander
Scorgie, Anne
Scorgie, Thomas
Scorgie, Alex., jun.
Simon, John
Simon, Louisa
Simon, John, jun.
Taylor, Henry
Thomson, GR
Tucker, Alfred O
Wade, John
Wade, Elizabeth
West, JE
West, Mrs
Williams, Jas Owen
Wright, Thos D