Beckjord Station (Coal)

  • Total Plant Capacity: 1,124 megawatts
  • Duke Energy Ownership Interest: 862 megawatts; 100 percent Units 1-5; 37.5% Unit 6
  • Location: New Richmond, Ohio
  • Fuel: Coal
  • Commercial Date: June 1952 – July 1969

W.C. Beckjord Station is a nominal 862-megawatt facility with six coal/steam units located in New Richmond, Ohio, approximately 20 miles east of Cincinnati. Duke Energy owns 100 percent of units 1 through 5, and 37.5 percent of Unit 6 (Dayton Power & Light owns 50 percent and American Electric Power owns 12.5 percent). The station is located in the Reliability First region and dispatched into MISO. Beckjord units are governed by the Ohio/Duke Rate Stabilization Plan.