Brighton Grammar School

Old Boys

The Old Brighton Grammarians' Society was been active since 1908.

The Society keeps Old Boys in touch with each other and the School, it supports the various Old Boys' clubs and arranges social gatherings.

The mission statement of the Society :

To facilitate and actively encourage the continued involvement of all Old Boys in the wider community of Brighton Grammar School with a view to ensuring the continued well being of our School and its Old Boys.

Some of the main objectives of the Society are:

  • To actively and publicly support the principles and activities of Brighton Grammar School .
  • To provide a wide range of social gatherings for Old Boys in order to build and maintain friendships.
  • To provide a vehicle for communication between all Old Boys and the wider Brighton Grammar School community.
  • To support the development and successful operation of all affiliated sporting and special interest clubs.
  • To actively assist boys to enjoy the benefits of an education at Brighton Grammar School through the provision of scholarships or by other means.