Brighton Grammar School

Firbank Grammar School

Our close relationship with our sister school, Firbank Grammar, adds an important dimension to many of our activities.

Similar traditions, our mutual link with St Andrew's Church, Brighton, and complementary educational philosophies allow our junior and senior students to participate in shared enrichment programs with Firbank. These include philosophy colloquiums, combined music and drama performances - including a biennial concert at the Melbourne Concert Hall - excursions, international tours and sports.

The commitment made by the two schools to maintaining a co-operative environment is expressed in a number of tangible ways:

  • A sibling discount is offered to encourage school families to enrol their children at Brighton and Firbank Grammar Schools.
  • Holidays and term breaks are scheduled to coincide.
  • The Schools provide shared bus services throughout their catchment areas to supplement public transport.

Whilst maintaining their integrity as separate schools and a commitment to their separate programs, both schools recognise the benefits of ongoing collaboration. There is a high level of professional co-operation between staff at both schools.

The Headmaster at Brighton Grammar and the Principal of Firbank, supported by their respective School Councils, are dedicated to the maintenance of the relationship and the identification of even greater opportunities in the future.