Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of Godfried Waller (first appearance resumed), 1886 July 16.

Volume I, 96-100, 5 p.
Waller, Godfried.
Cabinet Maker, member of Lehr und Wehr Verein; German immigrant.

Direct examination by Mr. Ingham. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): bombs (vol.I 96), Fischer, Adolph (vol.I 97), Northwest Side Group (vol.I 97), Lehr und Wehr Verein (vol. I 97), Thanksgiving 1885 Market Square meeting (vol.I 98).

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[Image, Volume I, Page 96]

Q (Question read)

A Formerly about a half year ago I had one.

Q What kind of a bomb?

A It was an eight inch pipe.

Q Made out of what?

A A gas pipe or water pipe.

Q You say about eight inches long?

A Seven or eight inches long.

Q What was it filled with?

A That I did not investigate---probably with dynamite.

On motion of defendants counsel the words "probably dynamite" ordered stricken out.

Q From whom did you get those bombs?

A From Fisher.

Q The defendant--the man sitting over there?

A Yes.

MR. BLACK: The witness has said he only had one bomb. You should not use the word bombs.

MR. INGHAM: How many bombs did you have?

A One.

Q From whom did you get that bomb?

A Fisher.

Q The defendant?

A Yes sir.

Q Point him out?

A Over there (indicating).

Q When did you get that bomb from him?

A It was on Thnaksgiving day.

Q Of what year?

A Last year.

Q Where did you get it--in what part of the city?

[Image, Volume I, Page 97]

A In Thalia Hall.

Q What did he say to you if anything when he gave it to you?

Objected to on behalf of all defendants. Objection overruled, to which ruling of the court the defendants by their counsel then and there excepted.

A I should use it if we would be attacked by the policemen just as it happened at this time.

Answer objected to.

THE COURT: Tell what Fisher said?

A He gave us those bombs which we should use on Market Square; there was a meeting on Market Square.

Q What did Fischer say?

A He said nothing, but simply this "that we should use it."

Q Where were you when Fischer gave you the bomb?

A In Thalia Hall.

Q Who were present at Thalia Hall?

A Mostly members of the Northwest Side Group and several men of the Wehr and Lehr Verein.

Q Now at the time those bombs were distributed what did he say?

A He said nothing---I don't know of anything. Every one knew how the bombs were to be used.

On motion of defendants counsel the last sentense of the answer was stricken out.

[Image, Volume I, Page 98]

Q Was there any public meeting to take place on Thanks-giving day?

Objected to; objection overruled; to which ruling of the court defendants by their counsel then and there duly excepted.

A Yes.

Q Where was that meeting to be?

A On Market Square.

Q Where is that?

A On the Southwest side.

Q What streets run into it?

A It is near Madison street.

Q Madison and what other street?

A That I don't know.

Q Is it on the east side of the river or on the west side of the river?

A On the north side of the river.

Q How were the members of the Lehr and Wehr Verein known?

A We have no names.

Q What did you have?

A Numbers.

Q Did each man have a number?

A Yes.

MR. BLACK: All this testimony is objected to and we save an exception. It is understood that all of this testimony is objected to.

MR. GRINNELL: Yes, I understand it.

MR. INGHAM: Did they wear their numbers?

A No.

[Image, Volume I, Page 99]

Q How did you know the number of each man?

A We did not know it. Everybody had to know his own number.

Q What was your number?

A 19.

Q How did you know the number of anybody else?

A I did not know it.

Q Were the numbers belonging to each man kept secret any way?

A Not exactly, secret. We did not pay particular attention to it. One knew the names of the others sometimes and sometimes not.

Q I wish you would give as nearly as you can the names of every one who was present at this meeting 54 Lake street in basement Monday night?

MR. SOLOMON: We move now to strike out all the examination of this witness from the time the objection was made by Mr. Foster.

Motion overruled; to which ruling of the court defendants by their counsel then and there duly excepted.

A Of those I knew there were Fischer and Engle.

Q Who else?

A Mr. Brightenfeld and Mr. Kruger - the one that is dead now.

Q What was his name?

A Rheinhold Krueger, and another Mr. Kreuger and Greenewald, Schrader, Weber, Hueber, Lehmann, Herman, that is all as far as I remember.

[Image, Volume I, Page 100]

Q Do you remember whether William Hageman was present or not?

A I do not remember. I do not know it.

Adjourned to 10 o'clock A. M. tomorrow.

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