Frazer Tranter


Frazer winning the 200kg duckwalk over stairs and 120kg farmers dash BSM 2001

Frazer Tranter World Champion Pillars of Hercules 1 minute 6 seconds!

Age: 33

*   Place of Birth: Wolverhampton

*   Height: 6 ft 6ins

*   Weight: 22 stone 138kg

*   Strongman Ambassador

*   Crowd Favourite

*   Film Extra

*   Photographic Work

*   Strongman for Charity

*   Personal Appearances

*   Event Organiser

*   1998 Entrant Worlds Strongest Man in Morocco!

*   Birmingham's Strongest Man 1995/1996

*   May 1998: 2nd in the UK Docklands Strongman Challenge 1998 winning the Farmers Walk

*   1997 UK Docklands Strongman Challenge 3rd place.

*   1998 UK Docklands Strongman Challenge 2nd place.

*   Represented Great Britain in Finland.

*   Represented Great Britain in South Africa.

*   Guinness Book of Records 24hr Team Bench press

*   4th place British Musclepower 1998

*   British Record Holder - Farmers Walk 110kg each hand 100 metres 48seconds

*   Bench Press 230kg

*   Deadlift 335kg

*   Log Lift 142.5kg

Frazer doing the business on the balls!

Now this is Frazer’s favourite!

100kg each and awkward, but he easily won this event at the Allhallows show and the UK docklands in May 98.

Phil’s wife Maggie’s arm aching interviewing Frazer at the Phil Secure Promotions Allhallows 1998 Strongman Contest



Frazer is available for seminars, acting, adverts, PR work etc.

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