International Professional Wrestling UK Heavyweight Championship


Won From


Martin Stone [2] Andy Boy Simmonz 3/16/08
Andy Boy Simmonz [2] JC Thunder 9/23/07
JC Thunder Andy Boy Simmonz 5/20/07
Andy Boy Simmonz Martin Stone 10/22/06
Martin Stone Aviv Maayan 7/17/05
Aviv Maayan n/a 7/16/05
Defeated Martin Stone & Stevie Douglas to win the new title.

International Professional Wrestling UK Tag Team Championships


Won From


The Kartel

(Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier)

Ares & Marc Roudin 9/23/07

Swi$$ Money Holding

(Ares & Claudio Castagnoli)

The Dragon Hearts 12/10/06
During Ares & Castagnoli's reign Marc Roudin began defending the title for Castagnoli.
The Dragon Hearts

(Spud & Dragon Phoenix)

The Untouchables 9/24/06
The Untouchables

(Jack Storm & Dave Moralez)

AK47 2/18/06

(Ashe & Kris Linnell)

n/a 7/17/05
Defeated The Chav Army to win the new titles.

International Professional Wrestling UK All-England Championship

(Originally the FWA All-England Title)

Champion Won From Date
Sam Slam Iceman 3/25/07
After IPW-UK defeated the FWA and forced them to change their name, the FWA All-England Title was abandoned by the FWA and it became recognised in IPW-UK as a national title including recognising all past champions.
Iceman Leroy Kincade 1/28/07
Leroy Kincade Hade Vansen 10/16/05
Hade Vansen n/a 10/18/03
The Zebra Kid did not show up for a title defense on 10/18/03 against Flash Barker and was stripped.  Hade Vansen defeated Flash Barker for the vacant title.
The Zebra Kid [3] Jonny Storm 4/27/03
Jonny Storm [2] Chris Hamrick 4/26/03
Chris Hamrick The Zebra Kid 4/21/03
The Zebra Kid [2] n/a 3/19/03
The title was returned from Jack Xavier to The Zebra Kid after Kid did not abide to the rules of his suspension.
Jack Xavier The Zebra Kid 3/16/03
The Zebra Kid Mark Sloan 7/5/02
Mark Sloan Paul Travell 12/14/01
Paul Travell Ahmed Chaer 9/1/01
Ahmed Chaer Jonny Storm 8/26/01
Jonny Storm Scottie Rock 7/29/01
Scottie Rock n/a 7/9/01
Rock is awarded the title.

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