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Mark Furze

Plays Ric Dalby

Born 7 May 1986, Mark Furze joined Home and Away as Eric Dalby, the 'too cool for school' kind of guy.

This role was a huge break for Mark, who joined Home and Away while still at school in the country town of Orange in the Central West of New South Wales. He has since had to make the move to Sydney to take up his role on Home and Away.

Mark first had a taste for drama through school musicals in primary and high school.

"I'd always been interested in drama and throughout school I made sure I was part of every production. I liked the idea of acting and have just gone for it", he says.

He also appeared in various productions at the Orange Theatre Company including the play, Oliver!, in which he played at the age of ten alongside his dad who co-starred as 'Fagan'.

Mark first appeared on television at age 14 in the kids' television series Outriders.

This was his first break into television, having been discovered at a school musical by the casting agent's mother. Mark auditioned, not knowing anything about the production and got the part of 'Jake the nerd.

After this assignment, Mark searched for an agent and then appeared on Water Rats at age 15 and in the role of the kid in the telemovie Balmain Boys.

More recently Mark could be seen on another telemovie, Jessica. This was shot close to his home in Lucknow and he played Joey, Jessica's son aged 16.

Mark's biggest role to date has been his new role in Home and Away.

"My agent told me about the role in Home and Away and I read the character and really liked him and wanted the part. I had never played a baddie, so it was a new experience for me", he says.

"I remember the audition as my call back required me to act alongside Ray Meagher and Indiana Evans!" Mark says.

"Joining the cast of Home and Away was very daunting at first, but I am really enjoying it. No one made me feel like a stranger and everyone made an effort to help me through the 'new kid at school phase'", he says.

Mark has now made his new home on Sydney's Northern Beaches and is sharing a flat with Jon Sivewright (Tony Holden).

His main interests include acting, which he studied for his HSC, music and sport.

He is currently involved in two bands: one which he started, a heavy metal band, playing guitar and the other a punk band.

His musical tastes vary and he will listen to everything but mainly heavy metal such as Metallica.

He admires actor Brad Pitt because of the different roles he plays and for his film choices.

When he isn't playing guitar or learning lines for Home and Away, Mark likes to skateboard and play soccer.

Mark was born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus, the Bull.

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