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From: Psycho
Subject: Nightmares is a Taste of Blood

Yes, I think Blood 2: Nightmares is like a taste of honey. But it's not honey, as we all know: it's Blood! For me, Nightmares is like a 3D version of the first Blood. With robed cultists pairing up with new and original levels equal to those from Blood, it brings back so many memories of Caleb's adventures in his first starring game.

Remember the whole second episode of Blood? Ice, ice, and more ice. Remember the several levels with the hedge mazes? Well that is the first level of Nightmares. The new cultists, sound the same, look the same, and they all wield sawed offs just like they did in Blood.

The storyline for Nightmares is, in my opinion, great! I love listening to the nightmares that the Chosen share to one another. It ties up some loose ends that both Blood games left. Like "Who is Jojo?!?!" from Blood and "So what happened to Gideon?" from Blood 2. There is really a lot of character development in Nightmares that really bring the Chosen to life. Did you not like Ishmael in Blood 2? Listen to his story in Nightmares and see if you don't feel differently.

The weapons Monolith added to Blood 2 through Nightmares are really cool. The Flayer, in my opinion, is kinda weird. When I first used it I was expecting something a little different but I quickly grew fond of it. It's been said that the Flayer is just another weapon that uses Mana (magic) and that it's no different than the Voodoo doll etc. but I disagree. No, it's not the most powerful weapon but it is cool and quite useful. Trust me. But hey, if it doesn't float your boat, don't pick it up! Blood 2 is cool like that. Don't like a weapon? Don't take it! :)

I haven't played Nightmares in multiplayer yet but I expect it to be a blast. The "Zombie Head Soccer" sounds like a hoot and the new skins, (Clowns, Soul Drudge, Cultists etc). If any of you see me in Multiplayer, though, look out. I've got a Flayer with your name on it!

There are only two drawbacks that I can find in Nightmares. One is it's size, and the other is it's size. First of all to play Nightmares you have to have Blood *fully* installed. Which is 500MB. That is big. At least to my hard drive, but then you have to install Nightmares which is 175 MB. For a total of 675 MB! That is a significant portion of my hard drive! But if you've got the space go for it. :) You can always save up and get a new hard drive. The second drawback (also being size) is that it is so small. Only six single player levels, and 6 more multiplayer maps. I was hoping for at least 7 or 8 levels like Plasma Pak had. The levels are not only few but short. I can usually get through half of the level in my first try before I die. They are about as challenging as the Blood 2 levels but not as large. Right now I'm trying to think of a level in the Blood universe that resembles their length. They are larger than the train levels of Blood 2. Just estimating, I'd say they are about the size of the Center for Disease Management (First level of Blood 2 demo). They are SO cool though. And so very different from each other. The Chosen come from different backgrounds and consequently have different nightmares. You start off in the Icy cold artic, then to a girls' frat house, then to circus... Cool levels... but short. :)

That is why I say Blood 2: Nightmares is like a taste of honey... Bloody honey. Nightmares is a gothic, atmosphere intensive, Blood 1 like addon for Blood 2. It has everything that Blood 2 left out. My advice for all you who do not have Nightmares is to consider this: "Is a taste of Blood, better than no Blood at all?"

From: Te-Hakur
Subject: Addon

I dig what lith are trying to do with this addon it really makes me think aback to blood1 in its style - and i really like the new weapons - they're most cool. also, the final boss is a bitch to beat and i had immense fun tackling him. superb addon, but too damn short for my liking. shame about that.

From: Matt
Subject: The Nightmares Add-on

You guys are probably inundated with feedback on the pack, and having read a few reviews and such, I went and bought it to see what it was like. Having played through the whole thing on the hardest difficulty, I can tell you that unlike the magazine reviewers and such who played the game, I'm enjoying its company very much. I don't know exactly what it is, but I find Nightmares a very rewarding addon. It's fun to play and I've been doing that solidly for some hours. The new levels are well paced and fun to play and the only niggle I have with it is the rather uncomfortable short-ness of it all. I only wish there was more to it, because if Blood2 had been more of this, then it would have done so much better. Whatever, I'm off to play some more, enjoy Nightmares.

And that just about sums it up. If you thought Blood2 was good, then you'll love Nightmares. Pick it up from The Lith Store for $19.99. Enjoy it, too. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | ModCenter | GameSpy Technology
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