Henry Clement Stubbs

Born: 5/30/1922 Somerville Massachusetts USA

About the Author
Hal Clement, pen name of Henry Clement Stubbs, was born in 1922 in Somerville Massachusetts. Clement studied astronomy at Harvard University, graduating in 1943. After graduation, he joined the Army Air Corps reserve and flew combat missions with the 8th Air Force in World War II. He remained involved in the military for over thirty years. Clement also taught science for forty years in Boston-area high schools, an occupation which he credits with keeping his knowledge of scientific trends up to date. As readers of his novels know, real scientific knowledge forms the backbone of much of his work

Clement's interest in science fiction began at an early age, and he published his first story in Astounding Science Fiction magazine at the age of twenty. In 1949, his first novel, the science fiction mystery Needle, was serialized in the same magazine. He followed it with perhaps his most well known work, 1953's Mission of Gravity. Other works include Iceworld, Close to Critical, Star Light, Still River and Fossil.


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