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A120 Braintree to Marks Tey

A120 Braintree to Marks Tey

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The Project

A comprehensive study was undertaken by the Highways Agency in 2001/2 looking at the issues and problems facing the A12 corridor between London (M25) and Ipswich over the next 30 years. The study included the A120 and the rail corridor. Following a review of the findings of this study known as the London to Ipswich Multi-Modal Study (LOIS) the Secretary of State in his letter dated 9 July 2003 asked the Highways Agency to carry out further detailed work on a number of recommendations including upgrading the A120 to dual-2 lane standard between Braintree and the A12, with the aim of bringing forward proposals for entry into the then Targeted Programme of Improvements (now replaced by a programme of major schemes.

As part of the scheme development process the Highways Agency undertook a Public Consultation in late 2005 on options for the scheme. A route was proposed which the Agency considered gave overall the best results in terms of minimising its impact on the environmental, on residents and provided the best value for money. The consultation attracted a huge level of interest and comment.  We have  undertaken a review of the comments made by the public and identified a number of additional routes that were suggested by respondents. We have been investigating these suggestions, as well as further investigations into our own proposals. This work is nearing completion. Once completed, Ministers will decide the next steps.

Other Considerations

In parallel to the work the Highways Agency has been undertaking, there has been a change since 2005 to the way schemes on some trunk roads are funded The Government announced through the Spending Review in 2004 that the Strategic Trunk Road Network will now fall into two categories: those of (inter)national importance, such as M1 and M25, and those of predominantly regional importance. The A12 and A120 have been classified as of regional importance.

This means that whilst decisions on all schemes (both regional trunk road and major local authority) remain with the Secretary of State for Transport, advice from the regions on the Strategic Road Network of regional priorities was to be sought. In their submission to Government, the East of England Regional Assembly prioritised the scheme for start of works in the 2011/12 – 2015/16 period, with completion post 2016.

Current Position

Until Ministers have decided the next steps, it is not possible to offer any further information. This includes any information on possible alignment changes to that shown in the public consultation leaflet. What is clear however, and based on regional priorities is that any scheme is unlikely to be open for traffic until about 2018 at the earliest.Until such times Ministers have taken a view, there is no formal scheme, just a proposition to develop a scheme.

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