2006 Comedy Festival Preview Part 2

Adam Hills Characterful

An Interview with Adam Hills

What can we expect from your new show “Characterful”?

It’s a whole new show that I worked up while I was in the UK last year. It’s all about how there should be more character in the world. More people with lines on their faces, more people drumming their tummies in public, more people like my Nana, who thought the Christmas carol “Deck The Halls’ was called “Dick The Horse”

You’ve been nominated for the Perrier three times. How does that feel? What does a nomination like that mean to you?

When you’re a comedian, you don’t receive a degree or certificate to tell you that you are funny, so a little plastic trophy is the only material proof I have that I might actually know what I’m doing. When I think back on the people that have been nominated, I feel quite honoured

You received widespread praise for your performance on the Logies last year, and the Melbourne Herald Sun recently touted you as an excellent idea for host. Does that kind of work interest you? Would you take it if asked?

I liked doing the Logies last year cos I was off in my own little world, away from the main ceremony, having proper chats with the celebs. For that reason, I’d like to do it again – but hosting the whole thing is a different prospect. One day maybe, but not for a while yet.

At the moment you’re sharing your time between Australia and the UK and handling TV commitments.Do you find it difficult to manage this schedule?

It’s kinda weird to record a whole series of a TV show, then head overseas while it goes to air. It was a bit bizarre to be sitting in LA, getting texts from people that were watching the show. Having said that, I love gigging in the UK, especially London, and I can’t wait to get back there.

“Spicks and Specks” has been a great success for the ABC. Have you enjoyed your time on the show? How do you compare working on TV to performing live?

Live work is the best buzz ever. To have the stage and the spotlight to myself for an hour is a true joy. On the other hand, doing “Spicks and Specks” means I get to work with some of the most talented people in Australia, and although I don’t have the same buzz form the crowd, I love watching our guests shine.

You are widely respected in Australia, both within the comedy industry and amongst the wider public. Who do you look up to?

From doing “Spicks and Specks” I now look up to some of the Australian TV legends like Denis Drysdale, Toni Lamond, Pete Smith… people that walk on set and know exactly how to make a good TV show. Comedically I will always look up to Rich Hall, Ross Noble, and Greg Fleet…as well as Daniel Kitson, Chris Addison, and especially David O’Doherty. He’s one of my favourites.

I noticed that you will have an Auslan interpreter for some sessions of “Characterful”. Have you done this before and if so, how did you find the experience?

I have a sign interpreter whenever I do a season at a Festival. It’s an amazing experience. The deaf audience enjoy the show, the hearing audience have a whole new world opened up to them, and I have a ball.

For booking details on this show go to Adam Hills – Characterful