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All About Amy

Kit Hunter’s back in the Bay and she’s carrying Kim’s baby. What will that mean for everyone? Well, most importantly, it means the delightful Amy Mizzi is back on our screens!

We had a chat with the friendly and funny actress to find out what makes this recurring guest star tick.

So Amy, what are the pros and cons of playing a recurring character on a show like Home and Away?

The biggest pro is the fact I can come and go and do other things in between. Last year I had a break from May through to October so my boyfriend and I went to Europe for three months. Also, Every time I leave I get a little farewell because it could be the last time.

The biggest con would be I don't know when I'm coming back - I just get the call.

So many great Kit storylines. Which ones stand out?

I wasn't a big fan of being an alcoholic - that wasn't my favourite storyline. But I loved all the stuff where I was working with Holly, that was really fun. The fights between Amanda and Kit - they were really good. I’m really enjoying the storyline at the moment with Amy and Chris, with the pregnancy, that’s really good fun.

Have you always been an actor?

I’m grounded as a singer and a dancer. I did a performing arts course straight after school, and got my agent through that. On our graduation night, the casting agent for the show came up to me and said, “I’d like you to audition for this role” and I had a call back, and it just kind of happened from there. Acting was never what I was going to do; it was always going to be dancing. I go back to teaching dance next week, so trying to balance that and having a baby (laughs) will be very interesting!

What do you do when you’re not acting, singing or dancing?

I’ve recently become an outdoorsy person - I got a tent for Christmas. My boyfriend and I are right into travelling and camping and going to the beach. One of my favourite things is scuba diving because I come from the central coast that’s all there is to do. That and the beach, that’s all there is. And music - I’m kind of obsessed with music. Fave band? Led Zeppelin! Wearing the t-shirt proudly! A Perfect Circle. The Tea Party. I’m not into pop.

OK, Amy, time for some quick-fire questions about your cast members.

Who’s the sweetest? Indiana's a sweetheart - she's a little precious thing. We’re really close.
Who’s the funniest? Amy Matthews cracks me up and Kate Ritchie, she’s the funniest girl!
Who would you call at two in the morning? My mum Beth (Clarissa House).
Who’s destined for stardom? Chris Hemsworth. He’s the total package.