Say Anything Headline tour UK in June!

On June 4th we will be making another trip across the pond to see all
you lovely blokes. Then on June 23rd our good friends at Hassle Records
will be officially releasing "In Defense Of The Genre" in the UK.

The tour will only last a week but we'll come back sooner than we
normally make you wait, check out the dates
Tickets go on sale for this on Wednesday at 9am.

For any of our American fans that maybe want to come see us there that's
9am UK time!

It is going to be a great kick off to a summer where we be playing
Warped tour all Summer in the US and then hopefully visiting the UK
again in the fall.

Click HERE to check out those dates as well.

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does anyone know who say anything will be touring with?

i am flying back from my holiday on the 9th june, the day you guys play birmingham barfly but hot damn it, I WILL BE THERE!!!! nnnnnnnnnnnaaaaown!!!!

are you still playing every warped date?