How to take a water sample for testing

  1. Please contact us for a sampling kit to be sent out to you.
  2. Take the sample directly from the bore.
  3. If the bore is running on a daily basis, just let it run for a minute or so. If it hasn't run for a while, let it run for a few hours to get a fresh flow.
  4. Fill the bottle to the top, and put the lid on tight.
  5. Put a bit of tape around the lid to stop it coming loose in the mail.
  6. Put the bottle in a plastic bag.
  7. Fill in the enclosed form with your contact details. Fax numbers and/or email addresses are preferred.
  8. Pack the bottle in the same padded postbag that kit came in.
  9. Fill in your details explaining what the water is to be used for, and any problems you've been experiencing with it. Use the enclosed information sheet.
  10. Make out a cheque for $55.00 to BioFarm Agricultural ** $35 until further notice! **.
  11. Put the cheque inside a separate plastic bag, and put in with the water sample.
  12. Post to BioFarm Agricultural, P.O. Box 3500, Nth Rockhampton, QLD 4701, then sit tight and wait for your results. Results normally take a day or so from when we receive the sample.


    The colour is iron oxide! This happens when the soluble iron is exposed to oxygen.

    When this happens, it is no longer soluble iron. Therefore it doesn't show up accurately in water tests!

    if so, you need to:

  14. TELL US you have iron in the water
  15. Request a sampling kit with TWO BOTTLES in it HERE
  16. We will send you two bottles with the kit (it still costs the same....we don't double it!)
  17. You need to:

  18. Get hold of some straight hydrochloric acid (NOT diluted from a battery). Pool shops or local mechanics can help you with this. Unfortunately we can't send acid through the post.
  19. Put 4-5 drops of acid in the second bottle BEFORE adding the water
  20. Send the bottle back with the other bottle in the same padded post pack
  21. Be sure to let us know, otherwise the test results will not be accurate.

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