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Chermside West

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The memoirs of Thomas Hamilton, which date from 1867, describe the area as thick wild bush full of chattering, whistling, and laughing birds. In parts of Chermside there was an abundance of good timber including white, blue, grey, and spotted gum, tallowwood, ironbark, red and yellow stringy bark, bloodwood, applewood, box, casuarina, wattle, and ti-tree (paperbark). Other parts of the region had extensive grasstrees, suggesting more open heath land. This was more likely to have been in West Chermside where some remnant vegetation remains. Wildlife included wallaby, kangaroo, native cat (quoll), possum, koala, and glider. The Brisbane Wildlife Survey of 1980 found echidna, bandicoot, and flying fox in the region, as well as fifty-three species of birds.


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