Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table - Episode 35 (1972)

Television program, Animation, Children's

Length: 23 minutes 53 seconds

Taken from the drama series Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table


Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table is a comical, Australian-made animation series based on the English legend of King Arthur. Episode 35 contains three main stories. In The Wrecker, King Arthur and Sir Lancelot discover the castle’s east wing is about to fall down; in To be a Knight Sir Lancelot tells a young apprentice knight stories about his gallant acts, not realising he has forgotten to put on his shining armour; and in Knight School, when the Black Knight is sent back to school by Morgana to learn to write, he finds Sir Lancelot is the teacher! There are also three short sketches without dialogue that separate the three stories.

Curator’s notes

This is a very typical episode from the quirky 2D animation series, featuring a pint-sized King Arthur, his tall Queen Guinevere, the brave but hapless knight Sir Lancelot, advisor Merlin and the court jester, along with the batty witch Morgana and her dastardly but permanently jinxed Black Knight.

These comic stories follow the typical episode format – the three main stories with three sketches sandwiched between them. The main stories are firmly based on a traditional verbal comedy format, with very strong overtones of vaudeville comedy. The strong dialogue and the sound effects carry much of the stories, and at times it is almost a radio play with pictures. The in-between segments, by contrast, have no dialogue and are more like silent movie slapstick with plenty of pratfalls and dramatic explosions with the associated sound effects and music.

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