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Keith Glass and Mick Hamilton
Clutching At Straws

Since meeting on their first day at Brighton High School in 1958, Keith and Mick's musical paths went separate ways for a few decades until coming together again in the early 90's. Then, in company with another long term cohort, they came up with three albums under the collective moniker of Glass, Hamilton, Young.

CD cover Following that they collaborated on three solo releases by Keith and one by Mick. They also found the time (and the lack of taste) to be responsible for 'True Blue Aussie Christmas' with The Dimmer Twins.

Finally they have produced an album as a duo, the songs representing their current live performances. Several of these fall into the loose category of 'protest songs' indicating an increasing level of concern about the direction in which our world seems to be heading.

Joining the duo on various tracks are Melbourne based musicians Terry Dean (Dobro), Garry Carruthers (banjo), Paul Gadsby (bass) and Peter Luscombe (drums)
1. The State of Love (MickHamilton /Idris Jones)
2 . The Sword and the Cross (Mick Hamilton/Keith Glass)
3. God,Country and My Baby (Dolan/Holiday)
4. People Like That (Mick Hamilton)
5. Are We There Yet? (Keith Glass/Mick Hamilton)
6. Living A Lie (Keith Glass)
7. I Only Miss Her [When I Think Of Her] (Mick Hamilton/Keith Glass)
8. In Black (Keith Glass/Mick Hamilton)
9 . Gone But Not Forgotten (Mick Hamilton/Keith Glass)
10. Do What You Gotta Do (Jimmy Webb)
11. Cold and Lonely Trail (Keith Glass)
12. Look Away Now (Keith Glass/MickHamilton)
13. Takeaway Love (Mick Hamilton/Idris Jones)
14. The Sword and the Cross [Live acoustic version] (Mick Hamilton/Keith Glass)
15. Clutching At Straws (Jim Colbert/Mick Hamilton/Keith Glass)

Key Points:
* Keith Glass & Mick Hamilton will be promoting the album at gigs on the East Coast of Australia and Deep South of the USA through the remainder of 2003.
* Will be launched on national radio Saturday Night Country ABC network, early July.
* Feature article CN (Capital News) Magazine in July.
* First single 'The State Of Love' featured on NFS radio sampler #81 being distributed to radio and media now.
* "Sword & The Cross" was the winner of the Port Fairy Folk Festival 'Song Of Tolerance' 2001 - this is the first released recording of the song.

BUY the CD!Album released July 2003.
Distributed in Australia by Didgeridoo and One Stop Entertainment.
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