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iPhone Game Review: Aurora Feint

Aurora Feint iPhone Native Game Intro Screen

It’s buggy and incomplete, but Aurora Feint is currently the most fun and addictive of the early iPhone games. Along with Trism, it’s also the most innovative. And it’s totally free, at least for now. It seems that the developers are still working on it, so I’m not sure why it’s in the store, but I’m glad that it is. It’s  even more enjoyable than the $10 games Enigmo and Super Monkey Ball.

Aurora Feint iPhone Native Game

Aurora Feint’s basic gameplay is much like Bejeweled: make a row or column out of three identical objects to make them disappear. But from here the game radically departs. The game makes use of both the accelerometer and multitouch in very important and fun ways. All iPhone game developers, especially the big boys like EA, should pay very close attention. The game makes use of the accelerometer by allowing the gamer to turn the phone 360 degrees, which makes the gravity of  the objects on screen re-adjust according to the new orientation. This opens up 3 new directions of possible strategic thinking. When you clear most of the objects off the screen, a two-finger multitouch swipe will bring more rows onto the screen. Combined, these functions make the game feel very interactive. There’s no button mashing here. See video below for exampe gameplay.

Making  objects disappear gives you points similar to gaining experience in a RPG.  The actual use of those points is where the unfinished part comes in. Don’t try to figure out how to spend all those points quite yet, that part of the game is still coming. There are, however, some aspects of the upcoming system that are playable–it just won’t make a lot  of sense. Also, the total lack of game documentation will leave you scratching your head. Check out the official Aurora Feint forums for updates and general conversation about things to come.


Aurora Feint’s innovative and spot-on use of the accelerometer and multitouch is a glimpse at what good iPhone gaming should be. It’s not likely this game will be free forever, but for now, it’s enough to get you addicted for when the final pay version does come out. This is a no brainer: download.

Aurora Feint iPhone Game Rating

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