Christian Radio In Canberra

Did you know that there is a Christian Radio Station in Canberra? 

The station is called 1WAY-FM and its frequency is 91.9 FM. The station is operated by a public company (Canberra Christian Radio Ltd.) and it was granted a full-time community radio licence in 2000. The board of the company includes representatives from a number of denominations, and includes two Baptists. 

In fact, Baptists are among the station’s most ardent supporters. But the station has a strong ecumenical aim and is not aligned with any one denomination. It is there for all of the churches – and for all Christians in Canberra. 

The station plays a range of Christian music, children’s programs, news (including some news you won’t hear on the commercial stations), programs for youth, life-style and teaching programs. It now broadcasts 24 hours a day. 

The term “Christian music” includes contemporary, popular music aimed at the up-to-35 age group, although many people outside that age group love the music because it is contemporary and, unlike much music heard on the commercial stations, it has a positive message. 

The station receives no financial support from Government. It is entirely dependent on a small staff, a number of volunteers and its members (supporters who pay an annual subscription of $20.00 [students and pensioners], $52.00 [ordinary members] and $75.00 [families]. Members receive material from the station each quarter, including a newsletter, program, and a very popular daily devotional called Word for Today. An annual report and financial statement is also provided to members. Other support comes from sponsors (the station is allowed 5 minutes advertising an hour), a small number of churches and donors. Our church is a supporter and this year donated $250.00 to help maintain the station. We also have a few members. 

Why not tune in! Give it a good chance by listening to a range of programs. If you want to become involved in this important ecumenical outreach ministry by becoming a member or a volunteer, you can ring the station on 6239 3711. Alternatively, you can pick up a brochure from the church foyer, or at one of the Christian Bookshops.

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Last updated:  7 December 2002