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Kirsty isn't the only one who left a piece of home when leaving Home and Away. Actress Christie Hayes, who plays Kirsty is excited to come back and share a little bit about her character and her life since she's been away.

Why did Kirsty and Kane run off?

"We ran away because he was meant to go to jail for an armed robbery which he was set up for and was innocent of, so the odds were already against us. Then we ran away because we thought you know what, letís just be together forget about everything else. I was eight months pregnant, we were married as well and were trying to stick together for better or worse. So we skipped bail and we ran away together, we fled like Bonnie and Clyde." Christie explains.

"And now we have a baby and heís three. We have a little boy and he is just the light of our life, and heís adorable. So yes we had a baby on the run. His name is Ollie. Itís very cute because the guy, the little baby who plays Ollie, who I love, his name is Ollie. So it works out well, and it just happened like that. I met him 5 weeks ago when I started and heís beautiful. He kind of looks a bit like us. Could be us...has Samís hair has my eyes."

The fans really adore your characters, you two are one of the favourites!

"Sam and I, how embarrassing to say this, but we were interested in the feedback of how people felt about our characters. We went on the fansites and were reading the forums, just to see if they hated us or not, but everyone was really positive. Everyone seems to love the characters. I think a lot of people like these two because theyíre the couple you would expect to hate especially if they got together, but itís always interesting to watch something that is not meant to be. I think the whole intrigue with Kirsty and Kane is that they got together when Kirsty was quite young, after Kaneís history, and it was forbidden and it was secret. There was obviously a magnetic connection there though, so I think people were just supporting it because people wanted to make good of these two characters and them being together and loving each other is not such an offensive thing in my opinion, obviously apart from those that it emotionally hurt."

Christie goes on to explain, "We definitely would be up there with the couple that loves each other the most though, and everyone wants to see true love, love conquering all, I guess thatís why people are so intrigued by them. Itís never simple with Kirsty and Kane."

You must have some onscreen chemistry too?

"Yeah we do because Sam is one of my best friends and in real life as well. Iím one of his best friends and heís one of mine, well he says that, but I dunno." She laughs and continues. "Weíve known each other for such a long time now; weíve known each other eight years. For our characters to work I think weíd have to have a bit of chemistry. We just have so much fun together. Heís a bit older than I am and so heís very smart and he teaches me a lot and heís so talented and I just love his company and we have a lot of fun. Thatís probably why people liked us on the screen as well, because itís quite a real chemistry because weíre such great friends." She continues, making sure to add that the friendship is purely platonic.

The Fans want to know how you feel about coming back.

"I am really excited. Iím very excited! Itís different this time around, because Iím a little bit older." She explained. "For a while I did a few other things, like I did theatre and that was really awesome. I learned a lot about acting."

"I went to the UK. I went to America-to New York and LA and actually just bummed around for about a year. I was really enjoying just spending time with my friends. I moved and went through some personal stuff. People would always say to me, when are you coming back? I always sort of just shut the door thinking it was finished. I was surprised to be invited back."

"Now when I come in to work Iím really excited to be coming to act everyday because itís a nice refreshing thing you know because I havení done it for a while. Acting every single day is so full on and itís busy but itís what I love to do, and so Iím excited to be here and have a really cool storyline and just to be a little older and heartier type stuff."

Have you always lived in Sydney?

"I grew up in the south coast, but Iím here for a while, so thatís cool. If the situation arises Iíd happily stick around."

Thanks Christie, we look forward to seeing a lot more of you around the Bay.