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Q&A; with Clarissa House

Clarissa House is giving all single mothers hope! She looks fantastic as Beth Hunter and fans love seeing her happy again with a new romance in her life.

Are you enjoying the storyline at the moment, with Tony Holden in your life? And your impending engagement?

Is Jon Sivewright similar to the Tony he portrays?

Clarissa: Jon doesn't stand by and observe as much as Tony does. Jon makes a lot more jokes than Tony ever gets the chance to.

Have you ever met an "Amanda" in real life?

Clarissa: Yes, and I have grown to pity her now more than be annoyed by her. Holly Brisley is far more attractive than her, however.

When you said goodbye to your son Scott in Home and Away, you were actually saying goodbye to Kip Gamblin too. Were you a little sad?

Clarissa: It's never easy saying goodbye to a cast member and especially when they are part of my family.

You are in several emotional scenes in the storyline you feel drained at the end of the day?

Clarissa: Yes! And I've learnt to do more exercise to combat any effect of going to such emotional areas.

How do your children react to seeing you on screen?

Clarissa: I have a ten-year-old daughter who loves Home and Away and a six-year-old son who can take it or leave it at the moment, but he kisses the TV when I come on.

Your new hair cut looks great. Do you like it?

Clarissa: Love it! I'm a short hair type of girl.

Do you have to keep to a healthy lifestyle to be in Home and Away – to look good and to be fit for the early morning starts?

Clarissa: I try more now than I have before. When I eat well, exercise and get more sleep, I notice a big difference

When you want to chill out – what’s your favourite past time - do you prefer to be alone – or to be in a crowd?

Clarissa: I love weekends at home with my family and friends. We cook, eat, drink and talk.

Are you a Karaoke Queen? Are you the type to go up and sing on a mike – and embarrass your friends?

Clarissa: I treasure my friends too much to subject them to my singing voice.

Do you have to wear fake tan to always look good, summer and winter on Home and Away.

Clarissa: When I remember, I put it on my legs.

Have there been any continuity ‘mess-ups’ on the set – (such as drinking from a glass and next thing it’s full again) and have the fans picked up on it?

Clarissa: I’ve seen a bandage appear and disappear, but I’m always watching the scene not the continuity to I miss most mistakes.

When you’re feeling a bit ‘blue’, do you show your feelings or are you able to put on a brave face when you’re filming?

Clarissa: I hope only the mood the character is in for the story shows, but some times are harder than others, especially if you’re not well.

Are you able to take criticism – or does it cut you up?

Clarissa: I try to take it but I respond to praise much better.

Do you take good care of your skin and always protect it from the sun? Is everyone in Home and Away ‘skin cancer aware’?

Clarissa: Ever since I learnt of skin cancer in my family I have made an effort to protect my skin. Make-up (dept.) is very aware of sun damage.

If you threw a party who would be 10 people you would invite – friends from the series – or from your old group of friends and family?

Clarissa: Family and friends and some of our older cast would mix very well.

What is a dream you have for yourself in the future?

Clarissa: To grow very old with my husband and have a nice little house on a beach and our children will visit with their families.