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About the Airport

Airfield & Terminal Technical Information


Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Pty Ltd.
A.C.N. 076 999 114
Locked Bag 16
Gladstone Park
Victoria 3043, Australia
Latitude 37�40�24.1" South
Longitude 144�50�36.2" East
22 Kilometres North West of the City of Melbourne
434 feet above sea level

Aerodrome Reference

Total Area
2369 hectares
1 July 1970
North South runway 16/34, 3657 metres long X 60 metres wide
East West runway 09/27, 2286 metres long X 45 metres wide
23 metres wide taxiways run the full length of both runways, with high speed runway exits to increase runway efficiency
Aircraft Stands
Passenger: 16
Freight: 6

Passenger: 40

Australia's most convenient terminal building comprising a three storey central International Terminal (T2) with two interconnecting two-storey domestic terminals (T1 and T3).
Airways Systems/ Navaids
Route Surveillance
Radar (off-airport) 250 nautical miles range.

Terminal Approach Radar 50 nautical miles range
Instrumental Landing System for Runways 16 and 27.

VHF- Omni-Direction Range
Distance Measurement Equipment
High intensity runway lighting on Runways 16, 27 and 34. High intensity approach lighting on Runways 16 and 27.

Low intensity runway lighting on Runway 09. Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) on all four runway approaches (double-sided).
Emergency Services
Category 9
Hydrant fuel system for Jet A-1
Tanker fuelling for Jet A-1 and AvGAs