last updated: 23rd June 2008

TSS Hall of Fame

The Southport School has a proud history of 'breeding' Australian Representatives and Champions of Sport, in all differing codes and activities. As you can see below we have produced Sportsman who have represented at the highest level of their chosen sport, with many of them being taught the basic skills at TSS. This alone is testament to our Sports Program & the Ethos of the School.

This section of the TSS Sports web site will continually be updated with past and present students who are achieving at the highest level in their chosen sport,... to represent their Nation.

Current inductees include;

Soon to be included... Wally Fullerton-Smith & Peter Jackson (Rugby League), Tom Lawton (Rugby), Kym Petersen (Sailing), Grant Davies (Kayaking), Andrew Baildon (Swimming)... photos still being sourced.










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