Functional bondage


Tying a person is not easy (as you know if you tried) if you don't know the proper techniques. You end up with a lot of rope passing over, under and all around, with knots all over the place, and with a sub that gets free as soon as s/he begins struggling.


As we are a site on erotic punishments, in this series of articles you will learn the techniques for which we will call “functional bondage”, the techniques required for binding the sub for immobilizing him or her for a flogging, or for a positional punishment.

We will not write, then, about bondage for aesthetic or erotic purposes. There are sophisticated techniques for that, as the Japanese Nawa Shibari (rope, and to tie, respectively) or Kinbaku (bind tightly) which, if developed for securing and torturing prisoners, are used nowadays for erotic pleasure, but that we find too complicated for practical purposes.

We will take a minimalist approach to bondage, namely using only the minimum of rope required for immobilizing the sub. So, if you like lots of rope all around your subject, or covering him or her with saran wrapping or the like, nothing wrong with it, it sure is fun, but you will not find it here.

Even when we will show other ways for binding, we will talk mainly about ropes, for us the most satisfactory bondage technique, because its association with the past, the movies and the TV.

As this game could become dangerous, please read the article about bondage safety before using these techniques on your partner.

Ropes Types, selection, sizes, care of ropes for erotic bondage.


Knots  The knots required for our type of bondage

Bindings What the knots are for. Different bindings used for immobilizing the sub


Binding tips Some tips for binding your sub, using the knots and bindings in the publications above. 


Binding with cable ties  Using the common cable ties for easily tying your sub.



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