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Judge - Richard Saunders

Judge - Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders has more than 10 years experience researching claims of the paranormal in his role as past President, current Vice President and Life Member of Australian Skeptics.

He is known internationally not only as a sceptic but also as a children's author having written and co-written more than 28 children's books, many of those on origami.

He is a regular on the international lecture circuit, and in June 2008, is an invited speaker at TAM6 (The Amazing Meeting 6) the world's largest sceptic convention in Las Vegas, along with guests such as The Myth Busters, Penn & Teller and James Randi. In August he will attend Dragon*Con, the world's largest Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention in Atlanta, also as an invited speaker.
He first appeared on Australian television in 1988 to promote his books and has been featured on such children's shows as Wombat on Channel Seven. He appears regularly as a sceptical commentator on Today Tonight, Sunrise, Radio 2GB, 2UE and ABC702. Richard has worked as a television and film extra, appearing in the background of programs such as All Saints, Home and Away and the new feature film Australia.

Richard is the founder and one half of the Mystery Investigators science show which explores myths and teaches critical thinking to schools.

In a previous life, Richard worked for the Commonwealth Bank as a web designer.

1. - Jul 03 12:53am
If you are on Facebook, go here to join the Richard Sanders fan page php?id=18382283750&success#/gro up.php?gid=18382283750
2. - Jul 03 10:40am
Okay, that link doesn't work! Try this one or search for Richard Saunders Fans on Facebook edit.php?gid=18382283750#/group.php ?gid=18382283750
3. - Jul 03 11:06am
Third time lucky! Sheesh, this one definitely works. hp?gid=18382283750
4. - Jul 03 11:26am
Right, now I'm starting to look really stupid. It seems I am unable to copy and paste a URL successfully. This time for sure, I think... hp?gid=18382283750
5. - Jul 03 11:33am
when this URL is pasted here, a gap appears between the "p" and "h" after the comment has been submitted. This is causing the problems. Close the gap when you paste it and it works. I don't know why this is happening, since it does not paste with a gap. Bah!
6. kilesm - Jul 03 05:00pm
Rachael - you're a scream. Maybe not a psychic - but a good fan of Richards!! :D

Everyone, just do a Google search for the terms "Facebook Richard Saunders" and you'll find it's the very first hit. Join in!
7. karenina_stollznow - Jul 03 05:13pm
"In a previous life"... :)

Love the pose, friendly, yet firm...
8. briandunning - Jul 04 05:21am
Richard not only has past lives himself, he has also helped me to explore some of my own.
9. acleanandsafe - Jul 08 08:52pm
Why are you seeming to support this nonsense? Or have they paid you off?
10. acleanandsafe - Jul 08 08:55pm
see for my credentials. Where are yours?
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