Apr 16: 3rd SemiFinal Slam & Featured Poet Anis Mojgani

Open Mic, Featured Poet and the SemiFinal Slam: The top 8 poets from the most recent open slams will have another chance at qualifying for the Grand Slam. Current Standings: Angela Dy - 5pts, Maya - 5pts, Karen Finneyfrock - 3pts, Jeremy Richards - 3pts, Tara Hardy - 3pts, Sara Brickman - 3pts, Ela - 3pts, Greg B. - 1pt, Rajnii - 1pt

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Anis Mojgani is the 2006 and 2005 National Poetry Slam Individual Champion, one of two Storm Poets to hold the title and one of only two people to win the competition consecutively. At the 2007 World Cup Poetry Slam, Anis took first place becoming the first winner of the new competition and at the 2007 Individual World Poetry Slam, he took 2nd. He is louder then he realizes. He likes kickball. He likes sitting in movies alone. He used to ice cupcakes for a living. Now he makes tents out of bedrooms and bedsheets.

A sixth season Def Poet for HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, he has shared the stage with such performers as Jill Scott, Beau Sia, DMX, Sage Francis and Buddy Wakefield. His work has appeared on NPR, in the literary journal Rattle, and in the recent anthology, Spoken Word Revolution Redux, alongside Poet Laureates Ted Kooser and Billy Collins. The 2006 Seattle Grand Slam Champion, Anis is also one of the subjects of the documentary, Slam Planet: War of the Words (www.slamchannel.com), and holder of the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen.

Anis was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. A little man, he was born in a teacup and raised by doormice, before he set out into the world with only a mouthful of pomegranate seeds to find out what he sounded like from the inside. A visual and performing artist, Anis made his way to Georgia where after planting seven years of himself there, he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in comic books and (99.3% of) an MFA in performing arts. He has written and performed spoken word for nearly 10 years, competing with poetry slam teams from New Orleans, New york City-Urbana, and Seattle.

“Anis Mojgani is the only name that comes to mind when I’m reminded of what spoken word should be, and specifically, where it is headed for the better. Knowing that he is out there performing for the world eases my thoughts, and pushes me to write and perform more, better and effectively. He is a very beautiful person doing beautiful things.” –Mike McGee