Animation showing Bibble Pro and the Black & White plug-in

Bibble Plug-ins

Bibble's unique plug-in architecture allows developers outside Bibble Labs to extend the power and control currently offered in Bibble Pro and Lite. These plug-ins operate within Bibble's advanced image processing pipeline, allowing creative contol beyond any other RAW Workflow platform.

Bibble's Black and White Plug-in

This plug-in provides Black and White conversion with much more control that simple desaturation. Choose what color channels to use, then optionally re-add one or two colors back into the image, as seen in the animation to the right showing the original, the Black and White version, and the Spot Color additions.

Third Party Plug-ins

Our plug-in interface is the industry's only RAW-level plug-in tool. Third party developers are able to add features and functionality to Bibble by developing tools that can be used inside Bibble - direcly on your RAW images. If you are interested in developing a plug-in, email us with "plug-in SDK" in the subject line.

New Plug-ins are being developed quite quickly, so for the lastest news and examples about Bibble's Plug-ins, check out the Plug-in Forum of our user forums.

Andy - B&W Film Simulation

Andy mathematically simulates the effects of B&W film exposure/development and paper exposure/development and final viewing. It may be the highest quality analog black and white conversion tool available.

AndyPRO Upgrade: AndyPRO includes 66 film/developer simulations and 52 paper/grade simulations (3400+ combinations), simulated film grain, colour mix-back, and much more.

Andy and AndyPro both available at:

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Ansel correction example
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Ansel - Image Zoning

Ansel is an advanced plug-in for altering the histogram of your image according to the theory of light zones. It comprises three different tools which, in sequence, give you almost complete control of lighting in your image.

AnselPRO is available at:

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Foxy - Special Effects

Foxy is a collection of special effects that allow you to add various "bells and whistles" to your image. Each effect appears on its own plug-in window so you can just call up the one(s) you need when you need them.

FoxyPRO Upgrade FoxyPRO includes the Focal Blur effect. Other effects will be released at no increase in price; once you buy FoxyPRO, you get all Foxy effects.

Andy and AndyPro are both available at:

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Gina - Skin Tone Correction

Gina is dedicated to correction and enhancement of skin tones, especially the reduction or elimination of reddish blotches that make people look unnatural in prints. Gina is balanced the type of skin that is notoriously hard to photograph well, especially with digital equipment.

GinaPRO Upgrade provides tools to change skin colour and saturation, to make skin tones more uniform, and to apply a sharpening/blurring filter to skin tones only. GinaPRO can also add noise to skin tones to mask overly smoothed skin, and has a glow function that subtly elevates skin tones, adding an inner life to portraiture that is very difficult to capture without perfect studio lighting.

Gina and GinaPro are both available at:

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Marky - Watermarking

Marky applies watermarks to your images, such as a signature, copyright notice, studio logo etc. Select any compatible PNG image, choose an anchor point, position, size, compositing mode and transparency and Marky will combine it with your image, resampling it so it looks its best.

MarkyPRO is available at:

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Matty - Image Framing

Matty allows you to create borders/frames/mats around your images. This is often useful when exporting images for use on the web or in other circumstances where the final file will appear by itself and may need a border to help offset it from the surrounding material.

Matty is available at:

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percy correction example
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Percy - Perspective Correction

Percy is designed to allow you to manipulate and distort your images in various useful ways. Perspective correction, fisheye remapping, skewing, aspect change, scaling and rotation are all included in one easy to use plug-in.

PercyPro is available at:

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Roy correction example
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Roy - Color Correction

Roy is a colour correction/adjustment plug-in that allows for image areas of one colour or a range of similar colours to be adjusted for tint, brightness and saturation. Roy has three channels of colour correction -- Red, Green and Blue -- each of which can be adjusted along a wide range of similar hues, allowing all image colours to be selected and modified.

RoyPRO Upgrade gives you three extra channels of colour correction (cyan, magenta and yellow), and enhances how colours are selected for modification.

Roy and RoyPro are both available at:

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Sadie correction example
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Sadie - Saturation Control

Sadie is an advanced tool for adjusting image saturation, including controls for Greys, Chromes, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, and Global Boost. Each control allows you to affect saturation of a specific portion (or all of) of your image, so you'll have an easy way to enhance the colour of your image both subtly and dramatically.

SadiePRO Upgrade adds options allow you to change the effect Sadie has when your image nears maximum possible brightness, by either adding more colour (HSV), adding more white (HSL), or simulating increased dynamic range (Visual).

Sadie and SadiePro are both available at:

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shady correction example
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Shady - Exposure Recovery

Shady allows you adjust shadow and exposure using a special amplification algorithm that reduces the effect of noise while still recovering usable detail. Shady really comes into its own when you set your camera to -1.0EV and then set Shady to recover the shadows at +1.0 -- suddenly you're shooting with real highlights and almost no loss of shadow resolution. More dynamic range and an "extra stop" for every lens you own.

ShadyPro is available at:

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sharpie correction example
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Sharpie - Image Sharpening

Sharpie is a sharpen/blur plug-in that has one filter (sharpen or blur from 1 to 1024 pixels in diameter) can work miracles, especially when you use it with Bibble's built-in sharpening function.

SharpiePRO Upgrade gives you gives you four sequential filters targeted for "Punch" - to enhance the appearance of your images for print or for full size display, "Blur" - to help you smooth out sensor noise as well as unwanted surface detail, "Local Contrast Enhancement" - to alter the contrast of image areas that are adjacent and "Detail" - which combines blurring, sharpening and small diameter contrast enhancement into one slider

Sharpie and SharpiePro are both available at:

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Siggy correction example
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Siggy - Exposure Control

Siggy is an exposure adjusment tool that gives you easy control over your image's luminance (a.k.a. brightness). Unlike traditional “brightness” or “exposure” sliders, Siggy attempts to preserve detail in highlights and shadows even when greatly increasing or decreasing overall luminance. Siggy also allows you to enhance contrast subtly or dramatically, and lets you adjust shadow and highlight tones with their own specific sliders.

SiggyPRO Upgrade gives you two new sliders: “Shadow Range” and “Highlight Range” which can restrict shadows/highlights to just a very small range of tones, or your entire image. This gives you more possibilities for correcting severe defects, or just applying more creative control.

Siggy and SiggyPro are both available at:

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Tony - Image Colouring / Toning

Tony allows you to apply colour tints and tones to your images by simulating ink and paper. Choose a paper and ink colour, and your source image controls how the ink is applied -- darker image areas get more ink. This simple approach is easy to understand and control, and still allows a wide range of subtle and dramatic effects.

TonyPRO Upgrade adds important extras like the Random effect to prevent fake looking toning, Bleedthru to allow some of the original color to appear in the final results, and over 50 toning Presets.

Tony and TonyPro are both available at:

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TonyREAL - Tone Cloner

TonyREAL is a tool for B&W photographers that allows you to reproduce the toning gradient (e.g. sepia) of another B&W image. Using TonyREAL is as simple as finding a picture with a toning you like, placing it in the source directory and selecting its filename from a list. TonyREAL scans the source image, extracts the full gradient of tone changes present, then applies them to your Bibble image.

TonyREAL Pro is available at:

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Color Popper example
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Color Popper

Color Popper is an easy to use Bibble plug-in which allows you to change the color levels in an image without altering the exposure and contrast. It works by changing the contrast of the a and the b channels in CIELAB color space.

Color Popper is available at:

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Contrast Control example
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Contrast Control

Contrast Control is based on the "Interactive Contrast Enhancement by Histogram Warping" technique. It can be used to lighten and soften the skin tone in portraits, give the clouds in the sky a little extra, open up shadows, and more.

Contrast Control is available at:

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Spectrum example
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Spectrum makes it possible to manipulate the "Chroma" dimension. The Spectrum plugin has 12 sliders. Each slider controls how much the chroma component of a color falling into a section of the color space will be altered. This is also called a chroma curve. This allows one to e.g. make yellow parts more yellow without touching other colors, or the tonality of the image.

More samples at

Spectrum is available at:

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Contrast Control example
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ND Grad & GradPro

ND Grad simulates a graduated neutral density filter to darken a bright sky or brighten a dark subject so that both the sky and subject can be properly exposed.

GradPro extends support to allow multiple graduated filters that are colored.

ND Grad & GradPro are available at:

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